Katherine Massier

has been a member since May 2008 and goes by KatherineMassier.

I'm Katherine Massier, I'm eighteen (30/04/91) and I have been self-teaching for two years now. I'm based out of Ontario, Canada. Photography is a passionate hobby and part-time profession for me.

Havent Updated In A While
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Havent Updated In A While

21 Dec 2008815 views

something new

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Sometimes !!!!

2 Oct 2008923 views

all you need is that little push ... lately I have been quite hard on myself and upset with myself, my reasoning for this...

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Favorite Season

30 Sep 2008861 views

Autumn & Winter are my two favorite seasons.

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My Goals

28 Sep 2008930 views

Just a mini list of some goals I have that I would like to acheive over the next year or so !

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My Personal Wish List

26 Sep 2008949 views

A little look into my on going wish list !!! Haha, maybe this year for christmas I will get some of these goodies.