Amanda Fernandes

has been a member since Sep 2008 and goes by teechanikky.

I am a self-taught photographer (still learning!) and writer.
I'm a dreamer and a dancer.

I like photography, because it's an instant outlet for my creativity, unlike gnawing the end of my pencil while searching for the perfect word, or feeling the urge to dance but being surrounded by people who'd think i was a bit odd if I gave in to it.

I give in to photography unabashedly!

p.s.Feel free to add, send a message, or offer CONstructive criticism.

Find me at: http://www.travelblog.org

Japanese Rave Scene
Photo Essay

Japanese Rave Scene

13 Oct 20087216 views

Busting the myth of Japanese inscrutability - these people know how to party!

Teaching in Japan - A beginner's beginning
Personal Post

Teaching in Japan - A beginner's beginning

3 Sep 20081085 views

This is a story (from April) detailing my first impressions of living and working in Japan. A humorous introduction to Japan for the aspiring ESLteacher.