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The One I Love

sarah polaroid 1

when we first met, we were only 12. quiet, scared, our whole lives in front of us, without a concept of what a statement like that could even mean.

off to high school. insecure. so much to prove. always 'on'. our personalities existed to shock, to fit in, to shout, to proclaim "hey, this is who i am...i think!" we were worlds apart, miles, lifetimes apart cross the halls, as we would glance at one another. we exchanged secret notes. we were more alike than people knew. it was our secret. shhh.

i moved away.

ten years elapse. life had happened to us both (thank goodness)! love and loss, truth and lies, travels and couch potato stints, jobs and jobs and jobs, hate and strength, hope and despair, fights and sex, booze and drugs, starting and quitting, so much, so much time.

here we meet again, not half but full. not 12 but 27. not out of need but out of chance. no games. no projection. just purity. this relationship was born out of our own abilities to be strong, independent, alive, wickedly honest, ready to be and face ourselves as we really are.

to me, this is love in its purist form. love how it should be. laughter, peace, respect, openness, truth, adoration. pure, unadulterated love!

it makes me believe in things i never wanted to. this relationship has forced my rational foot into my proverbial mouth. i am awed in its presence. it is everything i never wanted and it is perfection!

magic. plain and simple. it does exist!

(i was a little apprehensive about shooting sarah mostly in the winter, as she is so light and warm. i thought it wouldn't be an accurate representation of her spirit. i thought i might just have to wait for summer. winter actually captured her in a beautiful light. deep, dark, like an explosion of silence and peace. she is the light in the dark. the meaning in the dark. there is really nothing dark about these photos at all. when i look at these photos i feel like i'm walking through the doors in the lion the witch and the wardrobe. mystical, magical and deeply resonating)!

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3 responses

  • petey whitelaw

    petey whitelaw gave props (5 Jan 2009):

    i think its awesome and she does shine. even more so in the snow. so good.

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (26 Jan 2009):

    Oh...Yeah! It rocks!

  • iseebeauty

    iseebeauty (Deleted) gave props (18 Oct 2010):

    thank you for sharing your story

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