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JPG IS THE BEST - Please charge us all and keep the site running!


I discovered JPG magazine in the summer. There is nothing else like it for photographers. I fell in love with your site instantly and have enjoyed it daily since my discovery. Please consider charging us all for your gift to us...your site. I would be willing to pay for this without batting an eye. Please don't give up this site. People here are so friendly and encouraging to each other. I love the essays and just the whole way you designed this beautiful and FUN site for photography. I feel like I have lost a friend. I really am down about this and will be grieving for a long time as I try to find something else to replace this perfect site. Please charge us. I am including here the photos I have uploaded to your site since I discovered it. I only post my best in here as I respect the site that much. For anyone that wants to keep in touch with me, become a contact on my flickr site:

Sigh....sadness...but thanks to you all for the memories. I hope the site will remain online as is, even if nothing else can be added to it.

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