Photo Essay

What a Ride it has been!

Self Portraits....Laura and Clover

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends here at JPG who have brightened my day and inspired me to shoot no matter what the weather provided.

YOU all have given me much joy and support to make the leap into the photography world and to create my site.

I hope you will all stop by and leave me a note at:

So we can keep in contact with each other.

I will you all and your beautiful images with my morning cup of coffee and Clover wanted me to say THANK YOU for all the sweet notes you leave on his photos. He too is sad at the loss of JPG.

GREAT LIGHT to you all!!


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  • Minerva Bloom

    Minerva Bloom said (2 Jan 2009):

    Someone please save JPG! Please visit: - and post your comments or suggestions. It was posted by Paul Lavallee

  • Laura Boston-Thek

    Laura Boston-Thek said (2 Jan 2009):

    absolutely!! Already did it Minerva!

  • Melissa

    Melissa (Deleted) gave props (2 Jan 2009):

    Hi Laura! I love your photographs. I will miss you :(

  • Laura Boston-Thek

    Laura Boston-Thek said (2 Jan 2009):

    Thank you my friend!! I will miss you too!

  • Amy Evenson

    Amy Evenson said (2 Jan 2009):

    Oh no! What am I going to do without my Boston-Thek fix? Hopefully there will be a way to save JPG, but if not - Thank you Laura for your beautiful images and your constant source of inspiration.

  • timahruth elisheva

    timahruth elisheva said (2 Jan 2009):

    Laura, stay in touch; I cannot believe this is the end. Your work and your spirit kept me going through a very difficult tranisition. I continue to use your work for inspiration and guidance. I hope JPG continues, but if not, let's keep in touch and continue to share photos.

  • Sarah Dudley

    Sarah Dudley said (2 Jan 2009):

    This is just heartbreaking. I will miss your images Laura, you are an exceptional photographer and have more or less silently admired you work for a long time, simply because I could think of nothing to say other than 'wow' all the time. Keep on adventuring!

  • phil413

    phil413 (Deleted) said (2 Jan 2009):

    It was really nice to 'meet' you, Laura. I will book-mark your site...Toddles...Iris

  • David Eastham

    David Eastham gave props (3 Jan 2009):

    If this place goes, I know where to find you :) Luv ya lots !!

  • Laura Boston-Thek

    Laura Boston-Thek said (3 Jan 2009):

    You guys are the best....but let's not give up hope! That fat lady hasn't sung just yet!! :)

  • Tom Mertens

    Tom Mertens gave props (3 Jan 2009):

    Great job... as always.

  • Anne Mcginn

    Anne Mcginn gave props (4 Jan 2009):

    I cannot live without your daily images. or Pilars's morning shots.

  • Laura Boston-Thek

    Laura Boston-Thek said (8 Jan 2009):

    You all are far too kind to me. THANK YOU. BUT it looks like our worst fears will not come true!! YEAH!!

  • Michael Lynch

    Michael Lynch said (13 Jan 2009):

    Wondered what happened to you ! I got busy with the Santa gig and haven't been posting much. until I got the news JPG was almost lost.
    Getting ready to take a leap, myself; just ordered a website today.
    I'll keep in touch and just started putting 10 shots a day back on JPG.
    Good luck to you, Laura. I found you through 15/100 !

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