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Enter the Storm

Enter the Storm

I hurried for the camera, opened the porthole and took some shots. "That cloud looks like it's about to explode!", I said to myself.

The war-drums of the storm had started masterfully. It was a call for change. Bit by bit the small cloud darkened, feeding off from the enriched air around it, unfolding and dispersing everywhere.

The storm is approaching.

Shrieking the wind shattered on the ocean floor, making the blue sea roar from its very mysterious abyss.

The boat started swirling around with the first raindrops that touched down as if to calm the sea.

A knot formed in my insides as i spotted the horror in which i was demised. Darker, the dreary clouds poured the angry rain.

Closing in the approaching shadow was dominant. The storm's war drums had captured all corners of the world around me.

The only escape was the course set by the storm. No one enters the storm, the storm enters everything around it.

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