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Exercise In Self Portraiture

Self Portrait

The thing I love about JPG is how the members inspire and push the creativity of others in the community. I've been a member/subscriber since June of 08. Prior to finding JPG I wouldn't have dreamed of doing self portraits let alone put pictures that I took of myself up on the internet for others to see. It had a conceitedness about it, I thought or maybe that was just an excuse to cover up a bit self conciousness. However, seeing others post their own self portraits encouraged me to try it and so I did. I've taken these pics on multiple occasions this past year, but lacked the balls to put them up. And now with JPG possibly coming to an end here they are. Thanks to all of you who have inspired me to do something I never would have before!

Long live JPG!

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6 responses

  • sam sykes

    sam sykes said (4 Jan 2009):

    Great article - gets my vote!
    Know what you mean about putting SPs on the 'net too as it was something i shyed away from doing for a long time, until i joined the 365 group on flickr, took a few self shots and found that i wasn't quite as repulsed at my outer self as i thought i was!
    You've got some great shots too, btw :)

  • Rabbit

    Rabbit said (5 Jan 2009):

    I'm glad you decided to post your self-portraits. Our hardest critic is ourselves. These are wonderful. The lighting is seductive & mysterious. The knob ones are truly fun & show this sense of friendly character.

  • A F

    A F gave props (5 Jan 2009):

    this is brilliant. pictures are all great to.

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams gave props (7 Jan 2009):

    Great series! Glad that you got enough courage to post them!

  • fernanda ferraresso

    fernanda ferraresso said (7 Jan 2009):

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    in the point two corporate body and a lens to put to fire the image.

  • Danne Dhirgahayu

    Danne Dhirgahayu said (8 Jan 2009):

    mysterious!! love it!!

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