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New Acquisitions at the Used Camera Show Thornhill Community Centre

Flashmate L-308S by Sekonic
New Acquisition

A dear friend of mine told me about a used camera show at the Thornhill Community Centre north of Toronto. I don't usually like to purchase used camera equipment but with the economy and needing to stretch my dollar a little further I thought to myself... perhaps I could find a light/flash meter at a good price.

I picked up a used Sekonic L-308S meter. I have yet to learn how to use it. I have downloaded the manual and did a quick read through. I will have to sit and experiment with it. The light/flash meter was missing the lumidisk + case which I hope to find to complete the unit. At this point I do not even know if I will need the lumidisk.

I've just started a Portrait 2 class at Humber College, and my instructor said that if I wanted to make it as a portrait photographer I should have a flash/light meter tool in my arsenal of camera equipment.

I browsed the show and sale and found a few books on Masters that I hoped to add to my library. New these would have cost me at least $50 CDN each. For the 3 books I spent $35 CDN.

I hope someday to have a complete library of Masters of Photography because when I will be too old to go out and take photos I will sit and admire the work of Masters of days of old.

The first book I found was on Edward Weston's work. I find him as a Master of Photography an excellent photographer to learn from.

The 2 other books I found were on Yussef Karsh's work. Another Master of Photography. Karsh Canadians & Karsh *American Legends*

I was quite pleased with my afternoon purchases and now I am sitting leafing through the books and admiring the new tool that I yet know how to use.

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