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My Valentine

My Valentine

He walked cross the city college campus with long purposeful strides. His hair was coal black, wavy and longer than mine. I watched him for a long time from the safety of my sunglasses. Perhaps he felt my stare burning through all of those muscles. He looked my way and flashed a megawatt smile. I surprised myself when I turned away. I have never been shy.

I was standing with a group of friends planning our weekend and he appeared in the circle. My best friend to this day Vanessa introduced me to Al, Albert in fact, a friend of her cousin. I noticed his long eyelashes and looked away. He stared at me smiling.

He asked me out on several occasions and when I refused he finally said he just wanted to feast his eyes upon my perfect breasts. No touching and I could bring a friend to assure my safety and then he offered money! I was appalled. I rolled my eyes and walked away. "He was almost perfection." What kind of girl did he think I am?

A year later, Vanessa suggested that we visit Al to see how he was doing at USC. I was reluctant, but Vanessa promised he wouldn't try anything, "He's not like that".

On July 30, 1984, a sweet little lady answered the door of the enormous house it was Al's mom. She said Al wouldn't be home until late because, "He's at that woman's house". I was safe it was only 1pm. We chatted about all of the things that old girlfriends chat about over the next few hours. We made lunch. We laughed. We cried. Al's dad stopped by to meet and greet then retired to some reading. Finally, Shirley asked why I have never dated her son, "You seem perfect for him." Since we'd bonded I felt comfortable telling her what a masher her son was and "He offered me money to see my breasts!" Shirley laughed and said, "I have money, too!" We laughed for what seemed like an hour or two more and then the door swung open and there was Al. It was after 9pm! Al said, "Sherry, you're in my house!"

Urged by Al's Mom, we've been inseparable since our first date on August 3, 1984. I insisted that my two girlfriends accompany us. Al confessed that he has adored me for years and described a dress I wore to a party four years earlier. The date was fun, insightful and kismet. Al turned out to be intelligent, funny, sensitive, silly, manly, chivalrous, loyal to friends, infinitely patient, quickly forgives our foibles, beautiful inside and out and he loves me! Sorry ladies, he's an only child. I let him believe he got the chance to see my breasts for free. It actually cost him all that he has.

We married on August 3, 1985. Our daughter was due on August 3, 1986, but she arrived tardy on August 8th. Albert has perfumed my life with joy, passion, love and family. I kiss his beautiful face while he is sleeping and thank God we found each other early in life. Twenty-four years, six months and nine days seems like the blink of an eye.

Happy Valentines Day!

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  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (12 Feb 2009):

    A wonderful story and you told it beautifully!

  • Jose Antonio González

    Jose Antonio González gave props (12 Feb 2009):

    Beautiful story!!

  • Sherry

    Sherry gave props (18 Feb 2009):

    Oh wow, this is the perfect love story! I agree it was fate! Voted

  • Karen Zimmerman

    Karen Zimmerman gave props (25 Apr 2009):

    Wonderful story! Very moving. :-) voted!

  • Trish Meyer

    Trish Meyer (Deleted) gave props (4 Aug 2009):

    Great story and accompanying shots. I wish you both many more Valentine Days and years of Happy Marriage .

  • Jean Pierre Vacherot

    Jean Pierre Vacherot (Deleted) gave props (4 Oct 2009):

    Nice story, voted

  • dp *

    dp * gave props (4 Oct 2009):

    Heck yeas this is way RAD ! dp

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