Photo Essay

Perhaps Georgia O'Keeffe was on to something!

Orchid Naughty bits

I saw the sign advertising the Arboretum having an all orchid show. Telling the wife about it, we made a date to visit. Me with my camera and her with her love of all things orchid.

I walked into the exhibit, holding the door for my wife. We entered and saw a few other photogs. My confidence broke as I noticed others with fancy lenses and expensive looking tripods. I had lost mine this morning and was determined to take good shots hand held.

After finding the right exposure (the room had weird skylights that made it a challenge to expose properly) I snapped a few shots. My wife had wandered off to explore the other flowers.

I sat down and reviewed the photos. My wife popped in and pointed out that all my shots were close-ups of pistols and stamens. The naughty bits of the flower.

"Who do you think you are? Georgia O'Keeffe?" She accused.

I felt she was jealous of my enormous talent (pun intended). She did have a point, if I really enjoyed the macro side of the flowers, perhaps Georgia O'Keeffe had a point.

Yea, I'm a pervert. A flower pervert. Soooo sexy.

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  • Pam Wood

    Pam Wood said (21 Feb 2009):

    Great story. Yes, I am inspired to take sexy pixs of Orchids. These are phenomenal shots. Its difficult to shoot these flowers indoors with bad lighting. So, Kudos to you Eric for doing such a fab job!

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