Photo Essay

Day 55 - 65/365

Migraine Monday • 61/365 •

February 17/2009 • i do laundry

February 18/2009 • i Celebrate My GirlFriend

February 19/2009 • i'm dwivin' in my car - i turn on the wadio

February 20/2009 • i enjoy the brisk air of winter walks

February 21/2009 • i'm @ the Pub Celebrating My GirlFriends performance • (heard on CBC Radio)

February 22/2009 • i have My Java - My Journal - My Photos -My Musik - it's snowing & i'm ready to play in My Art all Day!

February 23/2009 • i *hate* migraines • i *hate* hate • i never use this word in relations with people • i do *hate* certian 'things' in Life... like migraines

February 24/2009 • i have a Peanut Butter rule in my house.... to be eaten only with a spoon straight from the jar! (dipping with jam is okay too)... and if Jam gets in the Peanut Butter - or - if Peanut Butter gets in the Jam... it's all good!

February 25/2009 • i'm headin' on a road trip to nowhere today

February 26/2009 • i'm a patient patiently waiting in Dr's office (no concerns - getting my Imitrex for migraine refilled)

February 27/2009 • i'm gettin ready fer my day

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