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How did I get here??

T. G. Weathermon
The Bridge
The Board
Ocelot In Cancun
Boat at Sunset
Smoky Train

I started out as a kid photographer with some funky late '60's plastic camera. As a teenager, I learned how my dad used his camera and Cibachrome development to make enlargements in his garage. He gave me an old Japanese rangefinder camera and I began shooting slide film, creating my own "projects". I was hooked; I couldn't wait to see what the little bits of film looked like on a light table.

From then on, I went through the trials of being a young man working for a living; I worked for McDonalds (even became an exalted "shift manager"), was my own housepainting contractor, installed those 13 foot signs on the sides of buses at midnight, worked as a cook and waiter for a soup kitchen, unloaded trucks for UPS, worked as an expeditor in aerospace, chauffered stretch limousines, worked as an armed security guard/cash courier, shoe store manager (anybody remember Fayva Shoes?? Before Payless??), became a telephone switch programmer, systems engineer, and now a project manager working with web applications. I rekindled my passion for photography while in aerospace on a flight test program in Maryland; I shot my first family portrait and then weddings. I went back to night school and took black and white photography (I did a fine art nude, while most students shot rusting cars or decaying barns. I aced the class!)

No matter what, I come back to photography; I can't ever seem to tire of it. That wonderful "let's see what I've got" gets me every time I pop a memory card into the computer. I love this stuff, and encourage anyone to get good at it, and maybe you'll be as nuts as I am!

Love to you all...


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  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (4 Apr 2012):

    I do love this photo essay. Outstanding images, Vin!

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