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My sister in law and I decided that there was time for ice cream, because there is always time for ice cream. So we picked up the little boy, my nephew, squeezed him into some of his sweats (because he's growing so fast) and wrangled him into the truck. Dairy Queen doesn't like to spread itself all over I guess because the closest one is about a half an hours drive out through some of the prettiest country, some of the most beautiful (and unapproachable) mansions, and a handful of cow pastures spread between the housing developments and the plant nursery.

We got the ice cream and did a little bit of exploring, coming across a beautiful dam site, a picture I also have in my photos, a couple of great kids parks that my nephew thinks are just keen (one of which is complete with a fish bridge).

As we were pulling out of one of the dam's many parking and walking paths, my sister in law saw a man and a little litter of cats milling around. The first idea was that a guy on a road trip had brought his cats out with him and was letting them stretch their little legs. On stopping and talking to him, we found out that the cats were wild and that the man goes there every day to feed them. They live in the rocks next to the river. Two beautiful grays, one gray and white, and one out of place golden. The gray I got a picture of has two golden eyes and its mirror has one golden and one blind seeming gray eye.

After scaring the creatures a little bit, they seemed perfectly comfortable with the man who feeds them but anyone else is untrustworthy, I got a few good shots and my nephew got to yell up at the underside of a bridge to hear his own voice rebound. We got back in the car and motored back to Knoxville. Definitely a worthy trip for ice cream.

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