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Fishing in Fish Hoek

Rio Rita

Fishing is a joint effort. The fishers of Fish Hoek in Cape Town clearly understand that when one works hard, all receive the rewards. The eagerness of the all the players is amazing: boats, nets, ropes and fishers. The boats have personality, they are as pretty as a young maiden going to a ball, with their own make up and attire; the fishers caress the boat and the nets as if in love with them - and perhaps they are... The nets, a bit in their own world though.

With these fishers there's no need for group therapy... they each understand perfectly their roles in this venture. Whilst one holds a radio to make sure that the boat does not go away (and pulls the rope with just one hand) the other ones put all the effort on the rope to make up for the single- handed one. The nets are brought in by one fisher that received the "parcel" from the hands of another one wearing less clothes who was immersed in the sea making sure the nets do not get entangled. He also made sure that the absent minded shark that got caught was released promptly and in good conditions.

A fisher fishes fishes, and sometimes fishes dreams... depends on the size of the net, the buoyancy of the buoys and the willingness of the fishing things to be fished. The fishers in Fish Hoek fish for their families to have a meal, which is not regularly of fish, but for the paying customer who is keen on a fish for their Sunday braai or a busy mom searching for Omega-3 oils for her children. Fish is expensive, and it's gotta be when the profits of selling one is divided among the team that made fishing a profitable experience.

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  • Tim Narraway

    Tim Narraway said (16 Apr 2009):

    Nothing quite like fresh snoek and baked potatoe on Fish hoek beach. Nice angle on this story

  • Veronica Toral-Granda

    Veronica Toral-Granda   said (16 Apr 2009):


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