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Red Riding Hood meets...

It had been quite a while since the Wolf died--so horribly back there in the cabin--with his tongue hanging out like that and an axe stuck in his head.

For better or for worse, Red Riding Hood was okay with it. It was self defense after all. He had it coming.

And yet, somehow, something never sat right with her. Sure it never came out that she once guessed the Wolf's Yahoo mail password and stole his Visa Card number to access

Perhaps she wasn't as innocent as the Grimm's brothers might have us all believe, but even if she did email the Wolf's wife those photographs of him in the diaper, it still didn't excuse his behavior.

He was so full of hate!

She had other things to think about now; no time or space for regretting past sins: a recession (or perhaps a depression!), her new magazine about cats, upgrading her cable, less time spent online.

But try as she might, she couldn't get him out of her head. Like an old ghost, speaking to her from the otherworld, still crazy with rage about the identity theft and the dirty pictures that she SWORE she had deleted.

The guilt was not something she could wash off like the blood from his leaking head.

She knew, she knew deep down--there were reasons....reasons that could not be known.

And so she continued along her way, ever followed by her demons. Through the high grass and past the old cotton tree with the voices calling: "Karma is a **** Red Riding Hood...Karma is a ****!"

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2 responses

  • Eric M

    Eric M said (21 Apr 2009):

    That's a different take on the story, interesting.

  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo gave props (21 Apr 2009):

    WOW. I love your creativity.

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