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Dagor Dagorath
Sublimis (Ambrotype)

Through the use of an antiquated palette and various photographic processes I hope to create a sense of timelessness. These photographs endeavor to personify abstract emotions in the amorphous amalgamation of bodies. By illustrating these figures merging together, falling, writhing both arbitrarily and in patterns the photographs strive to create a sense of chaos. Ultimately this conceptual work attempts to create a metaphorical representation of human interaction.

The series is concerned with the creation of various perfect instances, not Henri Cartier-Bresson's (1908-2004) one decisive moment, but multitudes contained within a single frame. This aspect of the work relates to the human linear perception of time. These amalgamations are alluding to different views of time, most obviously the camera's. This mechanical perception can possibly come to allude to some sort of greater, humanly incomprehensible, divine truth. The photographs do not show the typical photographed moment, nor do they attempt to rationalize a set movement through multiple exposures as Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) and Étienne-Jules Marey's (1830-1904) photographic studies of linear movement accomplished. Although similarly composed, and certainly referenced, the pieces also hope to strive away from Marcel Duchamp's "Nude Descending a Staircase" not in their execution as much as in their sequential sense. They depict an order to the movements that is chronologically ambiguous. They attempt to de-rationalize time.

While the underlying concept and palette of this series relates to Futurist, Romantic, and Renaissance painting the photographs themselves are executed in a variety of different methods that span the entire history of photography. The Ambrotype and palladium print processes reference the origins of photography and date back to the mid 19th century. The use of C-prints and digital images reference a modern time period. In the words of the father of modern photojournalism, Cartier-Bresson, "There's no new ideas in the world, there is only a new arrangement of things. Everything is new, every minute is new." The ideas of my work were surely conceived far before artists like Duchamp, Muybridge, or Marey ever touched upon them. Subsequently I am even further away from the origin of these concepts. Science, through photography, has already made sense of time and the order of linear movement. My work is possible because of what has come before, but its purpose is to question the very concept of "before".

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9 responses

  • Jamie Webb

    Jamie Webb (Deleted) gave props (12 May 2009):

    great idea and concept, images are excellent!

  • Eldora

    Eldora gave props (12 May 2009):

    absolutely exquisite

  • Megan Green

    Megan Green said (12 May 2009):

    The color palette and organic forms definitely bring to mind Renaissance paintings. Emergence, for me, even brings a specific painting to mind (though right now, before my daily 2 cups of coffee, I'm struggling to remember the artist and title of the painting.) Fantastic work. Really.

  • Dan Kennedy

    Dan Kennedy said (12 May 2009):

    Thank you!
    Some of them are meant to be reminiscent of William Blake's "The Lover's" or paintings by Bosch (from which I've pulled inspiration). Perhaps that may be one you were thinking?

  • Tina Maravelis

    Tina Maravelis said (12 May 2009):

    I think this is amazing! I definately can feel the Renaissance paintings as Megan stated. Beautiful work!

  • Alexandru Iedu

    Alexandru Iedu gave props (13 May 2009):

    I really don't know how you do this series ... but is AMAZING ... You have my Vote !!!

  • Jacqueline Raynolds

    Jacqueline Raynolds (Deleted) gave props (13 May 2009):


  • Victoria Tatum

    Victoria Tatum gave props (23 Aug 2009):

    wow, this is an amazing idea and story!! great work!!!

  • Jadranka Lacković

    Jadranka Lacković gave props (21 Oct 2009):

    this is just amazing! wonderful work! wonderful!!!

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