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I am not plastic!

the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag by Edgy Ecology Inc.
Dicta License and the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag
Rica and the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag
Carise & Moi with the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag
Rica & Carisse with the I AM NOT PLASTIC bag

"We thought we should start with something that everyone can take part in, and that would be minimizing if not eliminating the need for plastic bags" - Jessica Duque-Cabuay, co-founder of Edgy Ecology Inc., maker of the "I AM NOT PLASTIC" bag

Filipinos use plastic bags. A lot of plastic bags. What better to highlight this practice and turn it on its head by coming up with an "I AM NOT PLASTIC" bag so that it can be seared into the environmental conscience of every Filipino that they can make an impact in their environment by simply switching from their plastic bags to the "I AM NOT PLASTIC" bags. Part of the campaign is to get the participation of well-known artistes by having their photos taken using the "I AM NOT PLASTIC" bag. Here's Rica Peralejo posing with the bag when Carisse and I bumped into her at Cibo in Gateway Mall right after the last day of the Every Nation 07 World Conference in Araneta Coliseum. The other picture was taken during an impromptu photoshoot with Dicta License at the Sonic Boom production night in Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City, Fort Bonifacio with Roy Lopez. I was actually trying to convince the Every Nation crew from New York and I think New Zealand to come over and hear some original and independent Filipino music but I guess it was too edgy (and smoky?) for them so most of them decided to hang out at Starbucks. Anyway, good thing I was able to drag Roy Lopez, a friend of mine who is an art director for an advertising agency in Dubai, UAE to go to Mag:Net so that I can hang out with Liz Claudio, Pochoy, Jorel and the rest of the Dicta gang. Well, it turns out that Julianne Tarroja of "Grateful" and "Tulak ng Bibig" fame was also there with Nino. Before I knew it, Roy was already snapping away at the Dicta License crew. For some reason I can't upload the Dicta pix but in the mean time, this will do. We were actually able to experience the last song of the last set. Good thing also because I was trying to ask ReyFab (manager of Dicta) if we could blag our way in. The "I AM NOT PLASTIC" is launching today and for more information so YOU TOO can also join the fun of saving our environment from the use of non-biodegradable plastics that will not only clog up our sewage but also trigger flashfloods - check Jessica, Carisse, Cathy and their crew at

yup. I'm going to put this under Fashion. Fashion with a purpose. As Corinne, Sharon, Mimi and the I LOVE YOU STORE crew would put it - fashion can save the world! haha

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