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No, It's Not Photoshop

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BodyScapes: The Break-Up

One thing really amazes me. A while back I uploaded a series called "BodyScapes" to JPG Magazine. A lot of people commented on the photos saying "good Photoshop job" or "you have great Photoshop skills" and the like. It seems to me that everything a little out of the ordinary in photography nowadays is automatically attributed to Photoshop. Although I consider myself a Photoshop specialist, in artistic photography I use it mostly to get camera dust off the images, develop ideas, and for black and white conversion. But why use Photoshop when you can achieve this effect just by using some eyelash glue and a very patient model (Thanks again, Maya)? I am sure it would have taken me much longer to do this in Photoshop. Be creative! Move things in the real world instead of moving a mouse.

Here is what you need: a couple of model train miniatures, a flash light, a very patient model, and eyelash glue.

Production cost: $100 (for the entire photo series)

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  • Ebla Maleh

    Ebla Maleh gave props (22 May 2009):

    excellent and inspiring.. and I agree with what you say about photoshop. Beautiful series of shots !!

  • Rey mos

    Rey mos gave props (23 May 2009):

    a different perspective of exploring photography!

  • Miguel Menchu

    Miguel Menchu gave props (1 Jun 2009):


  • Esra Akcasu

    Esra Akcasu gave props (2 Jun 2009):

    clever! i adored it

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