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One Laugh At A Time

Sally wanted to spark some romance in her life so she tried to hook up with an old flame

I like to make people laugh. I admit it. Freely. If there were an AA for people who can never get enough of other people laughing at them (in a good way) I would be the charter and longest serving member. I'd call it PWCNGEOOPLAT(IAGW)A. (People Who Can Never.....Anonymous). I'd probably also have to get breast enhancement surgery because that would never fit across the front of my T-shirt. Who does that? I mean I LOVE shopping in the pre-teen section for my clothes; they've got all the latest fashions and who doesn't want to see a 62 year old great grandma looking like Hannah Montana? All right, no pushing and shoving, the line forms at the rear! Are you beginning to see where my affinity for all things small comes from? I'm actually 5'9" - I just grew up, not out!

People tell me I should put these little people photos in a book. I actually did, but (through no fault of my own) and IMHO the book is much too expensive. I've also been told I should have them printed in a newspaper, but that would require me actually talking face to face with someone to try and sell my ideas and photos. I am NOT a salesperson. I'm just a person with funny ideas.

I'm also a comment junkie. There probably needs to be an AA for that as well. I can't walk by my computer without stopping to check and see if I've gotten any more comments. And the computer is in a room not on the beaten path to anywhere; I have to go out of my way to get there, yet I find a thousand reasons a day to be in that room. Oh gosh, I could have sworn I left a basket of laundry on the computer desk. Oh well, since I'm here......

Gee, the lawnmower really wasn't in the computer room-- I could have sworn....... Oh well, since I'm here....

Let me just check one more place for that roasting pan----nope, not by the computer. Oh well, since I'm here........

Friends I've met on JPG write the funniest comments on my photos, and I find myself ROFLOL at what they've written. It is also wonderful to read that I've brought a smile to someone who was having a bad day; that's very empowering! One friend actually sent a message to Oprah about my work, and wrote some really wonderful things about me. He and I have never met, yet I consider him a near and dear friend. But I have also been moved to tears, most recently, when a friend wrote that he shared my photos with a seriously ill friend, and they spent the afternoon laughing until they cried. He thanked me for making their afternoon the best they've had. How humbling for me to have received that message.

So for all of you who've looked at, commented on, and favorited my photos, my heartfelt thanks. I will continue to try to live up to the glowing praise I've received. One laugh at a time.

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33 responses

  • Rey mos

    Rey mos gave props (24 May 2009):

    Beautiful and unreal shots! Capturing these miniatures provide a different dimension.

  • Jerry Pittman

    Jerry Pittman gave props (24 May 2009):

    Fantastic story, and many great guffaws at your photos. Many thanx for all of it.

  • Martin E. Morris

    Martin E. Morris (Deleted) gave props (24 May 2009):

    Well,you've certainly brightened up my days Susan,particularly recently,when I have needed a pick-me-up.I thank you for your terriffic sense of humour and your skill in putting it into pictures.Voted!!!

  • diana

    diana (Deleted) gave props (24 May 2009):

    i love your essay as much as i love your photos and your sense of humor!! you make me smile when sometimes i really don't feel like it. you brighten the day for all of us!!!

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (24 May 2009):

    awesome photo essay, Susan! I wish this gets publish. My vote and admiration to your sense of humor,

  • Cindy Coubrough

    Cindy Coubrough gave props (24 May 2009):

    I wish I could vote more than once. Thank you Susan, for sharing your imagination and humour with us.

  • Donna Whitecotton

    Donna Whitecotton gave props (24 May 2009):

    Your essay rocks and gets a Yeah from me...I love your sense of humor and will continue to be here for my daily dose of Susan Humor!!!

  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (25 May 2009):

    With each laugh....You are making a difference!! And that is amazing to me!

  • Joy B

    Joy B gave props (25 May 2009):

    I would like nothing better than to open up a new JPG Magazine and see you get the credit you deserve!

  • Michael Ball

    Michael Ball gave props (25 May 2009):

    Your creativity amazes me!! They say laughter is the best medicine, well on the bottle, it says "Made by Susan Littlefield"!!!!! Thank you for all the laughs!! My vote 100%!!

  • Kokopedal

    Kokopedal (Deleted) gave props (25 May 2009):

    Thank you for making me laugh

  • Deborah Downes

    Deborah Downes gave props (26 May 2009):

    I'm giving you a standing ovation. Fabulous pics and essay. Without a doubt your little people bring laughter to big people all over the world. What an incredible gift you have. Take that back. I mean gifts. You not only have the ability to make people laugh, but create artistic settings for your little people and capture them beautifully. Most highly creative people, like you, aren't geared for marketing. If you're interested in doing more with your little people, I suggest you look into getting an agent. Sure wish I could vote more than once.

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams gave props (26 May 2009):

    Susan, this is the culmination of your work! Hopefully, for you and your fans, this is the start of something new. Would love to see your work printed! Good luck and keep them coming. You seem to enlighten everyone's day with these humorous and sometimes larger than life shots!

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay gave props (27 May 2009):

    This may be the shortest comment you're given here, but seriously, YOU ROCK!

  • Linda Lou

    Linda Lou said (2 Jun 2009):

    You should be writing books of humor. love it!

  • Lois Martin

    Lois Martin gave props (15 Jun 2009):

    Not sure why it took so long to see this (to much FB), but this is a wonderful story and should be published.

  • Dav Akers

    Dav Akers gave props (17 Jul 2009):

    Ok so you can also write...excellent!

  • Christopher J Chalk

    Christopher J Chalk gave props (23 Jul 2009):

    What a great story Susan complimented by your beautiful artisic photographs.

  • Trish Meyer

    Trish Meyer (Deleted) gave props (24 Jul 2009):

    It's pretty well all been said above! I know where to come on a down day for an instant pick me up. Hope you are published :)

  • Lucy Lambriex

    Lucy Lambriex said (2 Aug 2009):

    I can't see why none of your pictures have been published yet. I seriously vote BIGTIME for this essay to be published.

  • Dawn Duffield

    Dawn Duffield (Deleted) gave props (2 Sep 2009):

    Of course I voted!!!!!

  • Christopher J Chalk

    Christopher J Chalk gave props (19 Sep 2009):

    Great story Susan, and beautiful images! A big YEA ;)

  • Steve Baker

    Steve Baker (Deleted) gave props (9 Oct 2009):

    I am SO glad I'm not the only comment junkie.

  • marilu

    marilu (Deleted) gave props (12 Oct 2009):

    I sure did smile a lot while reading your essay! Your miniature series is just fantastic as well as your unique sense of humor & creativity! :)

  • Michaela K.

    Michaela K. gave props (13 Oct 2009):

    my vote, Susan!

  • Jay Olson-Goude

    Jay Olson-Goude gave props (16 Oct 2009):

    Very punny!

  • Valerie Morrison

    Valerie Morrison (Deleted) said (17 Oct 2009):

    well since you're stopping in to look for your laundry basket, i'll throw my comment in the wash.

    i LOVE to make people laugh as well. working on a humor book.

  • Zerina Phillip

    Zerina Phillip gave props (2 Nov 2009):

    Excellent photo essay ans photos.

  • Karen Menyhart

    Karen Menyhart gave props (23 Mar 2010):

    such a fan of yours.... thanks for keeping me in stitches!

  • Debbie Smartt

    Debbie Smartt   gave props (13 Oct 2010):

    You know I love it Susan! I am surprised how we seem to think alike!

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (16 Oct 2010):

    Susan, I want to thank you for all of the time you have spent giving cheer to so many people including myself. I know you are taking a break right now, but I'll bet the wheels are still turning in your head for future projects to post...and that is how a true artist like you hones their skills... Please don't become discouraged ...Always remember that you have made a good difference and there are many that look up to you to brighten their day.

  • Carol Holmes

    Carol Holmes gave props (7 Dec 2010):

    When I am not well...body, mind & soul...I look forward to seeing your images! They bring me laughter, give me hope, and inspires me to do something great! I would love to see this story published, it is well deserved!

  • Marco Martinez

    Marco Martinez gave props (14 Dec 2010):

    Excellent photo essay. Your humor really comes through in both your narrative and your photographs -- they're both excellent.

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