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People of India an Nepal

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While going on a 2 week tour to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur India and then Katmandu Nepal I could not stop from taking photographs. I actually took almost 2,000 photos. I usually have an architectural eye for my photos but the faces of the individuals and what hardships, pain and laughter they describe in each of their eyes and wrinkles and beards fascinated me. I mostly shot men but have some photos of women too but the men with beards caught my interest the most. Be it that I am from New York these people are culturally different and live a completely different life than I do in Manhattan. There is no organization at all driving, walking even just moving throughout the streets-it all seems discombobulated but these people all find a way to make it work. The amount of animals on the streets I almost felt like I was walking through a living zoo. This is just India, Nepal has a similar story but a different feel. The people have more of an Asian look to them and again, it was just totally unbalanced but all seemed to work. Protests next to Buddhists, celebrations next to beggars, simply amazing. I hope these faces show the feeling of what I saw and felt while being there. I am a world traveler and still find Asia to be the most enticing place to travel-proven with these photos.

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