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Nature at its best: Series 7 - Covadonga Lakes in the Picos de Europa National Park of Asturias (Spain)

Lake Enol the jewel of Asturias northern part of Spain

THIS IS MY SECOND PART for featuring Picos de Europa Natural Park being dubbed as the Spanish Alps. Briefly, this designated conservation area has a total land surface of 64,660 ha which stretches in ten municipalities with glacial geomorphology and encompasses a wide range of flora and fauna.

It is a massive sheer limestone peaks, patches with oak and beech woods along the slopes and some settlements in its valleys.

Inland waters are breathtaking sceneries ideal for excursions and birds watching. Ideal time to visit this park is between July and September for different trails (14 official routes) and footpaths to take.

Lake Enol (Lago Enol) and Lake La Ercina (Lago La Ercina) can be reached by road via Covadonga Sanctuary from the town of Cangas de Onis.

"Your safety is our concern, but it is your responsibility - Picos de Europa"

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