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"Very Bad Things"


"Very Bad Things" are situations I've experienced or heard that struck me emotionally. My storytelling style is inspired by movies, especially the lighting that makes a certain scene "POP". "Very Bad Things" are a way to get these moments I dwell upon out of my head and apply the lighting I've learned from Hollywood. From my friend's deeply emotional story of his parents spliting up, to the humorous stories of my girlfriend showering in an all male apartment. In some of these photos I have a female play the role of me, which symbolizes my mother's overdramatic attitude which got passed onto me.

The movies I have watched led me to see composition and lighting. Everything is purposeful from the placement of certain objects to the gesture of a model. In some of these photos I do not show the face because it relies more on the situation. When in post production I pre-visualize the finished product, If it is supposed to be a dirty image I will add grain and over sharpen. If the image is humorous I will punch the colors of the photo to add a joyful mood. High contrast is key in my photos to show the dark emotion of a certain situation.

I have developed a dark view on the world but I am empathetic to people's troubled times. It goes to show you that no one is perfect and life at times is very exciting but around the corner there is bound to be a situation to stop you in your track. Through this series I've learned not to bottle up my emotions and to get it out in the means of a photograph. By doing this I have overcome depressive states and I now have a better understanding of who I am.

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18 responses

  • Marco Martinez

    Marco Martinez gave props (31 May 2009):

    Great story. Very funny. Well executed.

  • Michel González Brun

    Michel González Brun gave props (1 Jun 2009):

    brilliant story jeremy! great shots

  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) gave props (2 Jun 2009):

    brilliant love it, great shots too!

  • Theerapong Bhothirungsi

    Theerapong Bhothirungsi gave props (3 Jun 2009):

    I love the story and also your photos. They all are great! :)

  • Rey mos

    Rey mos gave props (3 Jun 2009):

    very imaginative story!

  • Kendra KirÅ¡onis

    Kendra Kiršonis said (4 Jun 2009):

    So creative!

  • Dan Kennedy

    Dan Kennedy gave props (4 Jun 2009):

    Great photos!

  • Yvonne Roberts

    Yvonne Roberts (Deleted) gave props (4 Jun 2009):

    Great series. Love the drama, very cinematic in feel.

  • Joseph Pickard

    Joseph Pickard said (6 Jun 2009):

    Great story. I love how the photos tell the story in one image. Nicely done.

  • Eldora

    Eldora gave props (7 Jun 2009):

    amazingggg! just superb! i love the photos, all of them! This deserves to be publisjhed it really does! i dont understand how it isnt already. AMAZING!

  • Kirk Hayes

    Kirk Hayes gave props (8 Jun 2009):

    Excellent photos... very cinematic!

  • Kevin Griffin

    Kevin Griffin gave props (8 Jun 2009):

    fantastic essay - great job

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams gave props (9 Jun 2009):

    An awesoem graphic series. Msot of these have a very dark feel to them! great job.

  • Hillary Bodnar

    Hillary Bodnar gave props (9 Jun 2009):

    Fantastic photos, very creative, and overall excellence.

  • molly .

    molly . gave props (15 Jun 2009):

    brilliant! you are incredibly creative and talented!!

  • Aaron Schwartz

    Aaron Schwartz gave props (23 Jan 2011):


  • Rajeev Jadhav

    Rajeev Jadhav gave props (23 Feb 2011):

    superb !!!! story writing and Photgraphs also !!!!!!

  • Cassandra Zingaro

    Cassandra Zingaro gave props (2 Mar 2011):

    love it!

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