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I LOVE TO COOK and I do a lot of kitchen experiments. Being a frequent traveller and with no permanent address, it somehow allow me to live independently which also push me to do my own recipes to survive and stay healthy.

It becomes a routine that after the cooking, I will make sure that I take snapshots of what I have prepared for myself, mostly for breakfast and lunch, or even for special gatherings (potluck style). This is extended outside my home when I have the opportunity to dine in the restaurants where proper food presentations are being served. It is quite weird but I do appreciate of what the chef has done to my order in a fashionable way. By the way, I also take photos of the main ingredients of my recipes.

I understand why other people said that food photography is not an easy thing to do. Looking at the cook books and magazines or ads, it seems that it only takes seconds to capture the texture, colors or the juiciness of the food served in a plate. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In my own experiment, there are three things that I have discovered which I recently confirmed (while browsing the internet) that these are also the main points to be considered in food photography. Firstly, I have to decide the angle which the dish will be photographed (positioning or focusing of the camera); secondly, its composition and presentation (what to be included in the frame); and thirdly, the presence of light (or the location itself). It is also recommended to use a tripod for macro shots of the food to capture its appeal. Food arrangement or presentation, including the color of the plate/cup are important factors to be considered to get a good contrast between the dish on it and the background.

Since I am using a non-SLR unit, I can't do any major adjustments in terms of depth of field (DOF) and aperture which are crucial to make the food more attractive and inviting!

All the photos below were taken using the natural light coming from the glass windows and with handheld position.

eFood for everyone... a guilty pleasure for your eyes only!

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  • Dhanny P

    Dhanny P (Deleted) gave props (3 Jun 2009):

    Great Shots. Nice Story

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (18 Jun 2009):

    great food, great presentation. Wow. Very delicious looking, Ray! My vote, of course,

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