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After the Storm .....

After the Storm II

The Calla Lily holds many different meanings for many different people. I had to re-examine what they meant to me. The thought that in the infinite number of ways nature could have produced anything, a collective chaos of possibilities brought forth this organic collaboration. It is not the face value of the Lily I find beautiful, it's the journey it took to be here. What does it mean to you?

After a rain storm in Northern California, I discovered these Calla Lilies. They called to me, almost daring me to photograph them. With my Canon 20D, a 10-20mm USM wide angle lens and a Lens Baby (the original) in hand, I accepted the challenge. Working between breaks of sunlight and intermittent drizzles, I captured these images by inspiration only ...... no metering, no light balancing, no tripod, just plain gut instinct. I knew I had to work fast, because this was just a break in the storm and angrier clouds were coming.

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