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A Photo of Ashton

Model: Ashton

So one day my friend Ashton suggested we go to the beach to do some shots. This would also be a chance for me to share with him the technique I use to shoot some of my portraits. Mostly to do with using off-camera flash. I just thought it would be good to share this technique with the readers here. It is one of my favourite "strobist" setup as it is most versatile, simplest to do and the result, I think, is quite pleasing. I've also posted this little article in my website.

le Setup:

I used one of my trusty SB22s for this shot. It was held at arms length toward my left at about eye level to Ashton and was triggered with a wireless trigger. The camera is a Ricoh GRD on Aperture Priotity mode, and a cheapo wireless trigger that you can get from online auction sites.

le Technique:

I set the camera to under-expose the general scene by 1 stop in Aperture Priotiry mode by setting a -1 EV exposure compensation. Then I set the flash to light the scene for f8 in its auto-mode. I then set the camera's aperture to f5.6 and this gave me a shutter value of 1/250. With these settings, the overall scene is under-exposed by 1 stop and the flash will fill the subject with enough light to compensate for that 1 stop deficiency. The only thing left is to frame the shot and hold the flash out to arm's length, maintaining a height roughly at Ashton's eye level and shoot away!

le Post Processing:

In my favourite photo editing program, I lowered the saturation to about 40%, applied a little S-curve to the image to enhance contrast and make the sky more dramatic. Finally, I added some vignetting to the image. The end result is what you see here.

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