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Saturn Nice Side

My husband, Ed, bought the car in 1993. It was his first, and only, brand new car. I first saw the car in 1997 when he drove it to California to live with me. That drive was the first of many road trips that the car went on with us. We recently donated it to one of those charitable institutions that will take old cars. It had basically been driven into the ground through years of road trips and daily commuting. We drove to our wedding, went on our honeymoon and drove through about 30 of the 48 contiguous states in this car. In 2004, I bought a car that became our road trip car but the Saturn gave Ed five more years of reliable commuting.

For some reason, the car looked good at a distance up until the day the tow truck came to pick it up. We attributed this to the Saturn's fiberglass body.

However, upon closer look, you can see fifteen years of daily driving as evidenced by the following photo essay.

The windshield wipers were a little too long for the windshield and finally ended up rubbing part of the rubber off near the top of the windshield.

We were sad to leave the many stickers that had accumulated on the car's windows and bumper. The funniest thing to me was that Ed did not allow stickers on the car for many years and it was only in the last few years of the car's life with us that he acknowledged its run-down state and that stickers were acceptable.

The odometer stopped working at 201781 but it was driven well past 250000 miles.

Most of the console also stopped working. The air and heat were non-existent and the radio turned on at full volume and completely at random. Also, the cigarette lighter had fallen out years ago, replaced once and then fell out again so we just left the empty hole at the bottom.

The hubcaps on the driver's side both came off over the last few years and we felt it added to the charm.

The only rust on the entire car was in this door well. There must have been a problem with the door's seal because there wasn't a lick of rust anywhere else.

My favorite part of the damage was all the key strikes around the driver's side door lock.

The final picture of the car is right before it was taken away.

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