Photo Essay

Polaroid 664

Brooklyn Bridge 2008

I lived in New York for the last 7 Years. Photographing the city was a major hobby of mine. Before leaving to relocate to Atlanta Georgia, I decided to capture the essence of the City on a medium that does not lie. Digital is great, but film, especially polaroid film tells a story as it is happening. Pure, simple, elegant. when shooting with polaroid film it is hard not to take a beautiful photo. The quality of 664 film is amazing. the quality is unsurpassed and the fine grain make for beautiful black and whites. Most of these images where shot with a Polaroid 210 camera but a few where captured using a modified Polaroid 150 rollfilm camera. I retrofitted a packfilm back from a medium format back. I modified the pack film back to expose the full frame of the 664 film.

seeing an image instantly on a digital camera is one thing. waiting 60 seconds and having to peel the emulation back to expose your image is a feeling that can not be explained but has to be experienced.

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