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Its June 17 5:00pm the day of the wedding. We rented a house on the lake for a week but we are staying for one night at the Bed and Breakfast the place of the wedding. The plan for the photos is: My daughter Susan will take pictures during the wedding ceremony, both of us will take the rest together, and I will set up the canon 5D MarkII for video of the actual wedding.

Great plan right? Stef is already at the inn getting dressed she arrived early, I show up. There is a heavy overcast about as much light as 8:30pm through all the trees. The gazebo is almost as dark, pic posted. The first plan is to take photos of the room then to take group shots. That's where it went it all the plans went out the window. Everyone came up to the room and started chatting. The waitress got everyone a drink more chatting. Next thing I know it's 5 minutes to six times for the wedding. I hurry up to set up the camera for the video.

Now were getting married. Every think went great! Time for the group pics. I set up the camera and the wireless remote. I normally never set the camera to auto but I was in a hurry and since the remote button works like the camera shutter button I figured I would let the camera auto focus and make all settings. After only four pictures it starts to rain hard. I think that well "I got at least one good group shot!

We went inside and had dinner. Everyone had a great time!

The next day we were looking at the pics and video. The video came out perfect. EXCEPT no audio. Why my new high quality mics new battery went dead after about 1 minute. We went to look at the pictures. I was in such a hurry the group shot was out of focus. I am always switching from af to mf it was on mf. I forgot to check!

About a month ago I did my friends wedding and had no such problems.

I was so concerned with not screwing up, nervous and hurrying trying to be in two places at one time, that I forgot the basics. Hire a photographer!

We all had a great time though and now that it is Friday and everyone has left we can get on with the honeymoon!!

My time on JPG is limited so please excuse the lack of comments. I will try to view everyones photos and give out favorites :) We will be back around July 9th

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  • dp *

    dp * gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    A good lesson to pass on. Glad everything went well in the actual wedding. dp

  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    I wish you could put that in every bride magazine out there! Great story!!! And some great pics.

  • Maurie A

    Maurie A gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    Lesson learned :) Great story!!

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    It is hard really to be the groom and the photographer at the same time. Well at least this photo essay will be here to remind us of the very memorabel wedding. I'm so happy for both of you! Again, my congratulations. Now, I'm looking forward to honeymoon photos = )!.

  • Lanis Rossi

    Lanis Rossi gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    Nice story and photos! Pretty bride, so so groom, some guys have all the luck! Congrats! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  • Karen Foto Fiddler

    Karen Foto Fiddler (Deleted) gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    Overall though it sounds like an amazing day! Congratulations!

  • Judy Wanamaker

    Judy Wanamaker (Deleted) gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    What a great day! All the photos are wonderful and very happy. Fabulous story full of loving memories to last a lifetime.

  • Dorothy Menosky

    Dorothy Menosky gave props (19 Jun 2009):

    Enjoyed your story. Congratulations.

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (20 Jun 2009):

    I enjoyed your story and all the lovely pictures too that you posted...Again have a happy life together...You are a fine couple!

  • diana

    diana (Deleted) gave props (20 Jun 2009):

    congrats!! love the story, and the posted photos are great! i get nervous i'll screw up when i do a wedding, i can't imagine trying to do my own. happy honeymoon!

  • Mike Melnotte

    Mike Melnotte gave props (20 Jun 2009):

    Congrats Joe!

  • Ted Gorczyca

    Ted Gorczyca said (20 Jun 2009):

    congrats my friend. The two of you make a great couple and wish you both the best of luck, which should not be a problem for you folks.
    Great story and pics

  • A F

    A F gave props (20 Jun 2009):


  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (21 Jun 2009):

    So Joe this makes your wedding even more memorable, so not all the photos came out but the ones that did are great and will give you the required happy memories. As for the video, as long as you got the movie it is all good. Surely the most important thing is your love for one another. Now have a super honeymoon and I too look forward to looking at photos of that as well! Congratulations again to both of you and May you have many happy years together full of treasured moments!

  • Leslie Hunziker

    Leslie Hunziker   gave props (22 Jun 2009):

    Joe, I think the pictures are beautiful! I especially like the one in the darkened gazebo! Very dramatic! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and quit worrying about us! (although we can't wait to see more photos!)

  • Bruce Wendler

    Bruce Wendler said (22 Jun 2009):

    congrats, I'm sure the professional wedding guys love these stories.

  • Maria Cox

    Maria Cox gave props (22 Jun 2009):

    Great story Joe! Congratulations to you and Stef!!! Many happy years together!!!

  • Gail Anderson

    Gail Anderson gave props (24 Jun 2009):

    well dont' you worry a bit about us! LOL... you should be concentrating on having a perfect honeymoon! congrats to you both!

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (27 Jun 2009):

    Joe, I wish you and Stef a wonderful life together. Personally, I wouldn't trade all the 'Pro' shots in the world for the One above. It is absolutely Priceless and will be treasured by generations to come!!! Congratulations to a unique & beautiful couple! :)

  • Tori Lindo

    Tori Lindo gave props (12 Jul 2009):

    Awww Congrats!!

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (12 Jul 2009):

    Congratulations to you both.....and I love the candid shot above...very special......May your future together be as bright as the love in your eyes.

  • Suzanne Smith

    Suzanne Smith (Deleted) said (26 Aug 2009):

    I had a friend take pictures at my wedding so long ago. They all came out blank!

  • Dawn Duffield

    Dawn Duffield (Deleted) gave props (6 Sep 2009):

    Great story, Joe!!

  • Marie-Suzanne Nunes

    Marie-Suzanne Nunes said (28 Oct 2009):

    Congratulations to you both! I appreciate the photo of you both, good composition and good exposure. Lovely and great story to go with it. Good lesson about the need of a photographer.

  • Kim Pascu

    Kim Pascu gave props (11 Dec 2009):

    Love the story and photos Congrats!

  • William Garvey

    William Garvey gave props (9 Jan 2010):

    Nice story and sorry about the photos. I like your ones that aren't staged anyways. Great story...

  • Shirley Valencia

    Shirley Valencia   said (24 Mar 2010):

    Great story and your bride is beautiful. I totally understand why all the mistakes were made, YOU were the groom. NERVES.

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