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I would like to ask the editors if a few of theses themes for the next issue could be considered.

One theme would be about photographs of sports like baseball, football, rugby, etc. could be considered. Except there would be a catch, there could not be any athletes or people in the photograph. Therefor people would see the beauty of the sport and not just the everyday player and the sport.

The second theme that i would like to address would be mixing vintage with the present, for instance something that is very old and having something that is from the present in the photograph.

There is a recent theme for the current issue that has something in that does not belong but I think that the Vintage with the new is not really the same. Yes it has something that does not belong but in the same category.

I hope you will consider these themes for the next issue or for at least an issue for the future. All of the themes are great but I just thought that i would throw a few more ides out there for you guys to consider. You do not have to use them, it will not bother me, but just in case you needed a few more ideas or even a couple for some new or different themes that i would just help you out a little bit and give you guys some ideas. Oh, and one more thing ... thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this. I know that it is kinda long but i have to use at least 300 words... man this is kind of hard to do. I could settle for about 200 or 250 words.


k a n d i m a e.

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  • Regina Singh

    Regina Singh gave props (24 Jun 2009):

    i really like the vintage idea

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