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It started at the bride house early in the morning to catch up on the makeup process. Look at the surrounding and see any significant object that symbolized the event. I search for flowers, rings, wedding invitation card and house decoration on the wedding days. I look for candid shot, such as the bride's mother preparing the breakfast.

The father of the bride was getting dress up. Bride gets makeup ready by her friends or professional makeup artist. Friends come by at the house for a sneak preview of the bride. They smile, hug, scream of happiness and give happy wishes to the bride of their happy moment. Kids and relatives come by lending their help so that everything runs smooth as possible.

The Groom is waiting patiently in the church. Immediate families help to attend the guest and make the final arrangement. Everyone dress up and look proud boasting and sharing the past wedding events. Kids running and playing around the entrance where the wedding car arrived and the wedding matrimony is going to start.

Everyone prepared on their own place. The bride stands ready for the walk entrance. When the music starts, the father of the bride escort the bride to the altar. Some cheers, some claps and some weeps in happiness. The father of the bride symbolically passes her daughter to the man who is the husband to be.

The holy matrimony started with the blessing from the pastor. Vows and ring exchanges and proceed to the legal documentation signing. Everyone look happy, hug and kiss to the new wedded couple. Ceremonial portrait is taken started from the intermediate family, relatives and to friends and personal photo time with the wedded couple around the church.

Lunch is served and short speech and best wishes from wedded couple, friends and other. Toast and wishes to the wedded couple from the guest. The bride and groom take their first dance and everyone happy and dance along with the songs. At the end, the flower tossed to the next possible couple.

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