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Apocalyptic Thunderstorms

Apollo's Sky

Well the location of Long Island puts us in a bad place in the Jet Stream/ Gulf Stream. We get the left over weather from the Western United States. Well just this weekend we were getting a big front. I was coming home from my mothers house and I could see the wall of clouds in the distance (right over my house of course), they were dark and low and quite threatening.

I got home and looked up and saw the amazing shape of the clouds. They looked like blue flames in a way. I hurried inside to get my camera because the lightning and thunder started and was very close to my house. I took some shots of the clouds right over my head then went inside before I would get hit by lightning.

After the rain had gone I went on my porch and saw the clouds were a peculiar red color. I'd never seen anything like it before. I also saw not one rainbow but two. How often does that happen? Rarely. This rainbow was very clear and vibrant, it was absolutely amazing. I took some shots and went to my front yard to take some more shots. In the short span of time they clouds had changed colors. There was a lot more blue and it was really just breathtaking. I've decided I should really consider risking my life to take pictures during a thunderstorm. It is well worth it!

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  • Christoph Benfey

    Christoph Benfey gave props (27 Jul 2009):

    Such rad photos, I hope this gets published! Voted.

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