My Precious

Jaguh my winner

No crossing

Jaguh means winner in Malay language. Create to fulfill the local taste in cruise motor fan. It might not as good as the Harley but it enough to get my satisfactions flow all over and powerful enough to go through the busy streets in the city. I can ride anywhere I want and I feel as free as the bird flying in the sky. Many look at it as a cheap Japanese cruise bike but I don't think so because it is a local made and cheaper. I don't need other people to tell me how I want my ride to be because it all the same to me to go from point A to B, C and D. I make sure this is my ride even sometimes I failed on me on rain or sunny day. I push it all the way to the services workshop but i never get tired with all of this. It not expensive nor it cheap causes it all not about the money. It is about what I want for myself in my life. Many might not see it as good as other imported bike, but this is all I can afford on my low pay check job. I think it doesn't matter as long as I got my bike to ride. Out the city in the country, it cruise with a confident and pride as a winner in a competition. Today i ride my Jaguh no more. I sold it for another local made fours wheeler. He is a saga and made by proton but it not as good as my previous Jaguh cruiser. Each day I drive my saga to my work, I always remember when the time J with Jaguh, the time when I feel the wind and rain in my face and hand and instead air condition fan for exchange. I might go faster and comfortable, but I will never again feel the freedom.

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