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My precious Canon 5D MarkII.

This story starts in the past.

Well it is July 2006. My Olympus digital SLR is my precious. Forgot what model it was. How love is fleeting! The Olympus was stolen out of my boat in Lake City, TN. Within two days I had my new precious a Canon 30D and several new lenses. I couldn't be parted with my new camera. It was a match made in heaven! So much so that a short time later I purchased another, a couple more lenses, another flash and a bigger camera bag.

Out came the 40D. I passed couldn't part with my 30D.

Out came the 50D faster shutter 5.9fps, 3" LCD and a lot more mega pixels. I passed on it for a few months but I kept looking at the camera and finally it enticed me to buy it. My 30D must have felt like the car in the Hurst commercial waiting in the airport parking lot for the owner to return from his trip and his new rent a car.

The affair with the 50D was short lived though. Out came the 5D MarkII, 21 mega pixels, full frame sensor and HD video all for $2699.00. I really wanted the HD video even though I hardly shoot video with my video camera, two or three times a year, but I wanted it. I Held out for a few months my 50D was happy. I couldn't resist the temptation the reviews on the 5D were so enticing. I sold one of my 30D's and purchased a 5D.

I got the camera open the box, charged the battery for about 10 min, put in the camera, turned in on and the mirror fell out. I quickly decided to read the manual to see if I did something wrong. Why do we always read the instructions Last? I didn't and sent it back and had them ship me another one.

Getting the other camera I shot my first photos and video. I was so happy with the picture quality but the video was choppy. I called Canon thinking that this camera was defective also. They responded by telling me I need 45mb sec. memory card to get smooth video. $185.00 later for a 16mb card the video worked fine.

Now to shoot my first macro. I use a 50mm Canon EF-S lens. The lens doesn't fit. I very quickly find out that all of EF-S lens won't fit. I use Canon and Sigma. Lucky for me all of my Sigma are DG lenses not DC. The DC Lenses fit but will not accommodate a full frame sensor and there is a black border around the edges. Four new lens and $2900.00 later I was ready to go.

My new best friend ended up costing me $5585.00. I said to myself at that time "never again".

Five months later I find myself going to and looking for a newer model. My 5D is pouting and threaten to go on strike every time it sees me on the internet. I keep telling my camera it's only JPG. The camera doesn't believe me.

My Camera after reading this story is hanging out on a limb threatening to jump. The 50D is happy encouraging the 5D to jump and volunteered to take the photo.

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39 responses

  • Richard Seah

    Richard Seah gave props (1 Jul 2009):

    Nice story. I don't own the 5D but I understand it is a fantastic camera, so good that few people are buying the EOS 1 Mk III these days. Me happy with a Fuji S5 Pro. Cost me a much smaller bomb :-)

  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (1 Jul 2009):

    LOL!!! I love your story!!! I went from EOS Rebel G2 to a Canon 20D. I will stick with them until they blow up.

  • Stefi Failk

    Stefi Failk (Deleted) gave props (1 Jul 2009):

    Neat story..........

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (1 Jul 2009):

    great, great story, Joe! Love it and I did not know that you are a Canon type of guy. I only knew Canon. Yeah, it rocks, you got my vote!

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (1 Jul 2009):

    Interesting story Joe written with humor...I am still waiting for the return of my precious camera from the Nikon Service and the latest news is that they are waiting for a part before they can repair it so it hasn't left the shop yet!!! You got my vote

  • Leslie Hunziker

    Leslie Hunziker   gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    This is a great story Joe. Isn't it funny how a price tag can shock us to where we say "no way, I'm not spending that". But after a few days when the shock has worn of we start to think, "hey, that price isn't really that bad". then a few days after that we're happy to pay it!

  • eithne mythen

    eithne mythen gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    Humerous piece of writing, my vote..

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    Hell...Yeah! It rocks!

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    This is a cleverly written story with some good photos as well, you have my vote Joe.

  • J. Harris Blacklist

    J. Harris Blacklist gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    Hehe...nice one!

  • Joy B

    Joy B gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    Very funny!

  • Lynn H

    Lynn H (Deleted) gave props (2 Jul 2009):

    Super story, Joe. Love the photos too! My vote

  • Rob Roy

    Rob Roy (Deleted) gave props (3 Jul 2009):

    Oh, no!!! Please don't jump, 5DII !!! You'd love it here in MA... and I'd give you such good home... with hugs and squeezes SO often... Joe, please stop that camera from jumping!!!! Entertaining story... and my vote!!

  • Joerg Schlagheck

    Joerg Schlagheck gave props (3 Jul 2009):

    Got my vote! Very well written. I'm not even going to try to keep up with you ;)

  • Karen K Smith

    Karen K Smith gave props (4 Jul 2009):

    Great story!

  • Gail Anderson

    Gail Anderson gave props (6 Jul 2009):

    great story... gets my vote!

  • Karen Foto Fiddler

    Karen Foto Fiddler (Deleted) gave props (6 Jul 2009):

    Loved the insight to some of your thinking! Has my vote!

  • Maria Cox

    Maria Cox gave props (6 Jul 2009):

    Very entertaining story!!! Oh, the obsession of getting 'the next, best thing'! voted!

  • Alex Preiss

    Alex Preiss gave props (6 Jul 2009):

    A true and expensive sad story.

  • Deborah Downes

    Deborah Downes gave props (8 Jul 2009):

    Very amusing and well written, Joe. Gets my vote.

  • Liz A######

    Liz A###### (Deleted) gave props (9 Jul 2009):

    After reading this, I went to visit my Olympus OM 4 (originally my Dad's camera, from 1983) to reasure it that no, I do not intend to replace it any time soon.... :) But seriously, your story made me smile. I know about the obsession of having the newest gear, I just don't have it with cameras...

  • William Garvey

    William Garvey gave props (11 Jul 2009):

    OK Joe, I am LMAO. Very funny story. I hope your camera doesn't jump.

  • Tori Lindo

    Tori Lindo gave props (12 Jul 2009):

    This is awesome Joe nice story!

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (12 Jul 2009):

    Great story expensive piece of equipment to be sure!

  • Ron LaFond

    Ron LaFond gave props (14 Jul 2009):

    I guess I didn't realize that the 5D took it self so damn seriously! Maybe I'll just stick to my 40D for a while longer. Great story, Joe. R

  • Susan Littlefield

    Susan Littlefield gave props (17 Jul 2009):

    ROFLOL at your story, while shouting ' jump 5D, JUMP' (the 50D paid me to say that) :~)

  • dp *

    dp * gave props (18 Jul 2009):

    Love is so fickled...hahaha great story, Rad man! dp

  • Will Depo

    Will Depo gave props (20 Jul 2009):


  • Betty Maxey

    Betty Maxey   gave props (26 Jul 2009):

    Too funny Joe, I like your sense of humor!! Voted!

  • Jamie Nardoni

    Jamie Nardoni (Deleted) gave props (6 Aug 2009):

    You write as well as you shoot :)

  • Zerina Phillip

    Zerina Phillip gave props (18 Sep 2009):

    Nice story. I am using a canon 40D. Wonderful photos. V

  • Mandy GMW

    Mandy GMW gave props (22 Sep 2009):

    hahaha....such a good light hearted read. Love it. but sounds like you have an addiction now :p

  • Hunaid H

    Hunaid H gave props (27 Oct 2009):

    What an interesting story, I like your sense of humor.

  • n n

    n n (Deleted) gave props (22 Jan 2010):

    Ha ha, lovely story Joe, my vote.

  • Michaela K.

    Michaela K. gave props (25 May 2010):

    :-))) my vote!

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (16 Sep 2010):

    Joe what a plethora of emotions you have wrapped up in your story....I can feel the delight, the anticipation, the confusion, the disappointment....but those images tell it all. Especially the Bee all, and end all!! So enjoyed it.

  • marilu

    marilu (Deleted) gave props (23 Sep 2010):

    LOL! Great story & images! I love the ending!

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (7 Dec 2010):

    This is great, Joe. I had NO idea the troubles you had been through ~ !!! enthusiastic & sympathetic vote ;)

  • Robin Perkins

    Robin Perkins gave props (10 Jan 2011):

    Love the story, great photos.

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