My Precious

my precious camera

EOS 5d by Canon
those beautiful eyes in black and white
eyes in black and white 2
little mermaid
3 seconds of quiet
made my own filter
tonie one
mothers love above all.

The first slr i even had was a eos 630,a great camera in its time,film of course,from there moved to a real sleeper,the canon eos 5, and again a film user. This slr really pushed me hard and i gained a real idea of photography. Combined with my own dark room i had heaps of fun and some frustration but i continued to learn.I really did not wish to go over to digital but with some concern i gained a eos 300 d It was a good camera and it showed me a little about this strange world of digital images, i still have it and it still works just fine!

Then i saw the canon eos 5d and decided to buy it,have never looked back,find,now its like an old friend. i did buy some top of the line glass and flash units but i would no way in the world sell it,not an old friend like this one,If there any bad images,i always find that i made the mistake,this camera keeps just rolling along Other cameras come and go with their bells and whistlers but i do find its more important to learn to get to know your equipment,back to front and the images and their quality really tells people if you are a photographer or not!

2.. the other part of this process you work with.You can have the most beautiful person in the world but if they are not photogenic you will find something missing,no soul,I always aim for the real person on the inside of the model and if im lucky the photogenic side of them will appear and a beautiful image will appear.A person does not need to be beautiful to produce a wonderful,just be open to show a little soul!

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