My Precious

A Great Pair

Hands Manufactured by My Parents
Helping Hand
Ravaged By Time
When The Levee Breaks

Hands down, my most favorite equipment is... my hands. Yes, that's right. Hands. Before you start yelling at me and say, "Hey man, we're talking about Holga's and Nikons here. What's this garbage?" just hear me out.

I mean, I've had these things it seems like forever. My parents gave them to me a long time ago (thanks mom & dad!) and I can't tell you how useful they've been over the years. Certainly a hell of a lot better than that Ronco food dehydrator in the closet. I mean I love turkey jerky as much as the next guy, but please!

I seem to favor the right one more, but either one will do fine. They've worked perfectly and I've never had to deal with repairs or any warranty issues. And I'm not even going to go into the laundry list of things you can do with these puppies. You know it, you've seen it yourself. These things practically sell themselves.

However, I will say that without this equipment, photography would really suck. If you've ever tried manually focusing with your knees you know what I'm talking about! Adjusting settings, changing lenses, cleaning and the all important 'click' of the shutter are all dependent on your digit holders. Really, if I had a nickel for every failed attempt to screw on a UV filter with my lips, I'd be loaded right now. I finally said to hell with it and have stuck to using my hands ever since.

Another thing to consider- a good set of steady hands. I love my VR and it's a great thing to have, but with a solid grip on my Nikon I can face down even the most terrifying 5 year old as he charges me in a rage and still get the shot.

Guys, the next time you hear a woman refer to you as being "all hands", just take that as a compliment...and take her picture.

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