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Arizona's Dramatic Beauty

The Superstition Mountains

I grew up in Tucson and have lived out of state for a few short periods in my life. While growing up I wanted to leave but something always brought me back home. Eventually I moved to Phoenix to return to school and have lived in Scottsdale the last ten years.

My favorite thing about Arizona is the amazing natural beauty. Most people don't realize you can go from sandy desert near Yuma, see the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona and keep on climbing until you're in pine and snow country. Sedona's red rock country is a favorite of visitors and there are many lakes around the state for fishing, water skiing and camping that many locals take advantage of.

The largest misconception for many people is that it's nothing more than a dry desert with tumbleweeds and only the Grand Canyon to see. Nothing could be further from the truth. Arizona is so much more than desert. The desert itself is full of color while much of it brown the spring flashes many colors. There's a lot of plant and animal life like no place else on earth. The Sonoran desert is truly unique and belongs to Arizona alone. There are so many different types of scenery that many people never get to see. I would venture to say many people who live in Arizona don't even realize how varied and amazing the state really is.

In downtown Scottsdale there is a free show with Native American music and dance that runs part of the year called Native Trails. People can see some truly beautiful costumes and tradition while not having to leave the city. The hoop dancers are the jewel on a beautiful crown of native culture. The Heard Museum has a yearly Hoop Dancing competition where dancers from North American tribes can send their best to compete for the title.

At different times of the year you can attend the Rodeo and see all sorts of cowboy athleticism. The Arabian horse show in Scottsdale is world class as is the Barrett Jackson car auction. The Frank Lloyd Wright museum of Taliesen West is an incredible homage to one of the ultimate architects that found a love for Arizona.

I do love to travel and can appreciate the beauty from New England to California. I would love people to realize that there is much to see in Arizona that will deliver some of the most spectacular sights you could imagine.

I am a proud Arizonan but really wanted to share with you some of the photos I've taken recently and hope to expand on. I love exploring any location I'm lucky enough to visit. I have enjoyed some beautiful sights from around the world and hope that I do Arizona justice. I've chosen not to show the sights everyone knows but the Arizona people can discover.

There is so much more to learn and see in my home state that I'll never see it all, but I'll keep on trying to capture the true beauty all around.

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