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The Best Camera I've Ever Owned

5D MarkII by Canon
The Crowd
The Day Crowd
The Duhks at Harmony Festival '09

It's hard to know what kind of camera I use because I hide anything that would give it away under black tape. Many people show their photography gear off, but I hide mine.

It's not that I'm not proud of my camera, it's because I live in San Francisco and I currently own one of the most sought after digital cameras on the market.

A few months ago I owned the Canon 20D, which I used for almost all of my college years studying photojournalism. In my last semester it began to slowly die from overuse, which happened to coincide with Canon releasing a new line of cameras. This new line of digital cameras was great not only for those of us who could afford it (thank you student loans!) but also for all of us photographers because it signals a new era.

I am amazed at how much technology has advanced since I was last in the market for a camera. The 21 megapixel sensor on the 5D gives my images detail far beyond anything I would have ever expected. The colors are true to life, so much so that color correcting in post processing is basically a thing of the past for me. The sensor is full frame so that my 50mm lens is a 50mm lens again- something that is quite exciting, for me anyways! The noise handling at high ISO speeds is so good that I can shoot in almost any situation with available light. There's also a live view mode which is great for focusing when your trying to pull off photographing away from your face, aka the 'hail Mary.'

There's also video! If you're someone who does multimedia, it's great to have this option. The 5D doesn't come close to replacing a video camera, but it's often convenient to have a photography and video camera built into one thing.

There is a great story written about the Canon5D Mark II already that I think is fantastic, so if you're looking more specifics and some history on the camera from someone who owned the original 5D I highly recommend checking out the other My Precious Story at

I think this camera has changed photography and signals a turning point in digital photography. I can't imagine using another camera or wanting to upgrade in the future. It was worth every penny...even with the 6% interest piled on top.

These are just a few images I took while working as a correspondent for at the Harmony Festival, a music festival in Northern California. You can check out more images from the festival at

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4 responses

  • Brian Betteridge

    Brian Betteridge gave props (9 Jul 2009):

    excellent series.

  • J. Harris Blacklist

    J. Harris Blacklist gave props (10 Jul 2009):

    This is an outstanding photo essay...only problem: It makes me want one!!!

  • Dawn Duffield

    Dawn Duffield (Deleted) gave props (25 Nov 2009):

    This is a great story...especially given the season

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (1 Apr 2010):

    WOW....I didn't even know there was a camera with 21 megapixels, much less one with 21.1 ;) Seriously, I am just learning to use my Canon Rebel Tli (with 15 megapixels), and was feeling like a "bigshot". I knew I was an amateur, but I'm NOT EVEN. Looking forward to perusing your photos. My vote for this most informative and well illustrated photo essay ~ ! :)

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