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From simple point and shoot consumer grade digital cameras you can pick up for fifty bucks or so the digital SLR camera is leaps and bounds beyond them. I know, because I've spent years playing with these tiny cameras that fit in the palm of my hand. But once I got my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, photography itself took on a whole new meaning for me.

On trips we used to make sure we brought along our Fuji Fine Pix or more recently our Pentax Optio, which are nice cameras as they are smaller and easy to carry around in a pocket or something, and they offer a lot of great settings. They take nice photos and help you to save memories. It was fun to get the pictures from those cameras but nothing ever struck me as something I just HAD to share with anyone, let alone the world.

The Canon Rebel XTi was my special item I got with my tax money just over a year ago. I picked from a store on eBay. I scoured the site like a mad man looking for just the right package because I didn't want to spend just the $600 dollars and get a great camera without some cool options.

After about fifty pages in I found the perfect package that came with these two great lenses, the 18-35mm lens that comes with the camera and the 75-300mm lens that would allow me to get some really spectacular shots. The package also came with a plethora of other gear including a digital flash, some high speed memory cards with a USB reader, two extensions (wide angle & telephoto), a couple batteries with chargers, and a great camera case for it all.

Right off the bat I could tell my photos went from ho hum to WOW. I took five times more photos in the first month I had this thing than any other month of picture taking in the past three or four years. By the time I'd had the camera for four months I'd taken more photos with the Canon than I'd take with all the cameras I've had in the past four years COMBINED!

The Canon makes it fun and exciting to take photos of just about everything and the camera just brings out all these wonderful colors and has all these great functions that help like the continuous shooting and the higher speeds, control over your Fstops and ISO settings (which are not available on older model digital cameras like our Fuji). It also features a lot of on board filters and detailed settings that you can personalize to make it easier for you to set up the camera when you get going.

The larger viewing screen is really nice and offers the ability to better see the photos you just took. It's great for saving yourself some memory space because you can just get rid of the things you see are bad shots right away and then have room for more pictures.

The macro abilities on the camera are great too and one of the reasons I love this camera so much. I don't have a macro specific lens, but that doesn't stop me from getting great close up shots of tiny bugs or flowers.

I also like the many modes this camera has. I've learned so much about photography just through using the device. I usually shoot in AV Mode, but I've also used TV, full auto, macro, landscape, and most recently full Manual mode. I like having the ability to control specific things while the camera automatically covers the rest. I also like the ability to have full control myself to make the camera perform beyond it's standard functions, and sometimes I just like the camera to do all the work for me.

The red eye light is really great and saves me a lot of time in post if I'm trying to clear that up. The many focal points on the sensor make it a lot easier to get what detail you want out of your photo. Being able to choose between them or use them all is great and very helpful when trying to get a shot that isn't easy to grab focus on.

With the lenses, I love having the ability to choose manual focus. It's helped a lot in situations when the auto focus isn't cooperating with what I want. I have also used auto focus then turned it to manual so that I don't have to deal with re-focusing all the time.

There are so many options on this camera that I could sit here and write a book about them all, but Canon has already done that with their little bible of a manual that comes with this thing. I read through it a couple times and still don't know all the functions this thing has. But I'm learning over time and I hope I have this camera for a long long time to come.

It's definitely something I've grown to love and consider my precious. It's not just the price tag of the thing that makes me very protective, but I'd absolutely hate being without such a winning camera to take such glorious photos with and to learn with and to show off to the world.

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  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (9 Jul 2009):

    Canon Rocks and so does your essay!!

  • eithne mythen

    eithne mythen gave props (11 Jul 2009):

    A very interesting essay as I am wanting to upgrade from my Fuji Fine and don't know where to much out there. Anyway I still have a lot of saving to do first, but thanks for this..

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