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FREE Polaroid Camera – Seriously

FREE Polaroid Camera – Seriously Part II

The pitch:

I will ship to you for free one (1) Polaroid OneStep Closeup camera, along with one (1) pack of ten (10) exposures. I will ship anywhere in the world.

The catch:

Post a link to your favorite Polaroid capture posted on The photo does not need to be yours. This is a link to jpg's Feature: Polaroid Portrait. It's a good starting point.

In one month's time, I will have someone outside of the jpg community choose the one s/he likes best. Then, the person who submitted that Polaroid will receive the camera and the 10 exposures.

The story:

I recently bought this camera for 5 dollars and paid 75 dollars for 60 exposures. I am posting a few of them, and I will post some more. I am down to 29 exposures (minus the ten I'm sending) left for me, and I have come to realize that that is enough for me.

I like the idea of Polaroid. I have seen so many beautiful Polaroids. More than anything, I have been able to appreciate the photographers behind those photographs.

This is not an effort to save Polaroid. We all know the truth. Rather, I would like to propose that we celebrate it. There is plenty to celebrate about Polaroid.

¡Viva Polaroid!



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