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Who Will She Be?

What She Sees

Peaches and cream and little blond curls. That's what I pictured when I found out I was pregnant. I never would have recognized this raven-haired pixie child as my own if someone had pointed her out in my future before she was born. Certainly this tiny, dark haired, skinny footed creature was not the person I had been growing in my belly for near a year? But love was unconditional and my tiny one needed only blink her blue eyes at me for my heart to melt.

Now she is over a year old. She may as well be a century. She learns everything so quickly and she doesn't need us or so she'd have you think. Nothing is too difficult for her to master.

This is not my princess. This grubby thing in the dirt? This master of grime and sprinklers and wheelbarrows? This pizza-stained, milk mustached, oatmeal encursted wonder? This is no princess. This is a WHOLE PERSON with real ideas of her own that she struggles with her tiny mouth to express. She will never be anything other than just Romilly and I would never have it any other way.

I watched her the day I took this photo; playing intently with the the parts in my camera bag; she looked so real. I thought, "If only she could stay like this forever." I dread the day when her eyelashes are curled and her heels are high and her hair is dyed. I dread the day when a boy (if it is) breaks her heart. I dread the day when she finds out what being a woman is about; that it means fighting to be you, fighting label, after label, after label.

No. No, there will be no princess in this house. Just a little person making her way into a big world, with nothing but her wobbly feet to carry her from one adventure to the next.Two wobbly feet and the steady heartbeat of her loving mother.

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  • Cicely Graham

    Cicely Graham (Deleted) gave props (17 Jul 2009):

    Sweet! This is beautiful -- story and photos!

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