Photo Essay

The Green of Summer

Pumpkin Curl - Nottingham, NH

The lawn is freshly mowed, the kids are still napping, and the horse flies and mosquitos aren't out in their normal force. Although I would notice a few bug bites later, I was in such a hurry to grab my camera and get back to the garden that it seemed there weren't any bugs out at all.

Uncurling between two stems was start of a new vine on our cucumber plants. Looking around, I saw more spiraled signs of expanding life. The garden, formed by placing the trunks of two recently-cleared birch trees in the shape of a rectangle, occupies a small, sunlit portion of our yard. Due largely to the unseasonable amount of rain this year, all of the vegetables are flourishing.

The sun on my back, the soft shades of green in my eyes, and the gentle breeze keeping me cool; it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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