My Precious

Whirling precious visions

Lensbaby 3G by Lensbaby
look into my Lensbaby
Gentlemanly gnome
flower power, baby
laundry day, baby
make like a tree
take a bite
lounging lizards
zoom in
bark is worse than the bite

When I want to see the world a little differently, I pop my Lensbaby 3G into my Olympus E-500 and play.

The Lensbaby 3G, which has evolved into the Control Freak, allows you to have fun in so many directions. The lens bends and twists. It locks in place. You can even fine tune your image with a focusing ring.

The selective focus you'd get with a large aperture is enhanced with the Lensbaby. The sweet spot is, as its name implies, is the best part. You focus in on something (a loved one, a flower ... a garden gnome) and the world behind it dissolves into a whirling blur. It adds a whimsical quality to photos that I haven't been able to reproduce with my other lenses. The imperfect images that come from them make me feel all right about my own imperfections. The Lensbaby creates a blurry whirlwind of possibilities.

I am a sucker for retro, but I love the modern-day convenience of a digital camera. This lens allows me to add an old-school feel to my digital images. The instant gratification is great for an impatient person like me.

I found out about Lensbabies years ago, either from one of the ads in a photography magazine or online. I immediately ran to Photoshop and began trying to reproduce the type of images I saw. These recreations were fine. That was until I received a Lensbaby as a gift.

I love experimenting with the funky lens. Giggling. That's my usual reaction to the photos that appear on my LCD screen. I'm almost always tickled by what me and the Lensbaby create. My self-critical nature tends to diminish when I have the lens on my camera. I am free to try new things and just have fun.

So welcome to the world of my precious Lensbaby.

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2 responses

  • Charles

    Charles (Deleted) said (29 Jul 2009):

    Good story, good example photos.

  • Tyler Rubio

    Tyler Rubio said (9 Feb 2010):

    i want one now!

    how does it fit on the camera like a lens or a filter??

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