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Focus Is Overrated

Lensbaby 3G by Lensbabies, LLC
Lilly Belle
Baby Hayes
Dreaming as the day go by...
Blowing Bubbles
Sweet Baby Hayes
Tiny Dancer
Lensbaby 3G

Selective focus is a wonderful thing. My favorite lens, the Lensbaby 3G, allows me to utilize selective focus with continually rewarding results. Photographs taken with the Lensbaby have a sharp "sweet spot" while the rest of the image blurs away from the sweet spot. This causes the viewer to direct their attention to the main subject, the possibly distracting details becoming lost in the blur. By bending the lens, whichever way you please, the sweet spot can be moved around the frame.

When I began using the Lensbaby, about one year ago, I fell in love with its ability to allow me to create images that feel like dreams. Images that completely disregard rules pertaining to focus and perfection. For photographer's willing to open up to creative possibilites, the Lensbaby is the perfect new accessory.

For people who are apprehensive about purchasing a Lensbaby because they think that they can create the same effect with photo editing software, remember, photography is about taking pictures (at least in my opinion). I am not bashing photo edting software, I use it often to adjust contrast and color. I am simply trying to communicate that selective focus is something that has a lot to do with feeling and emotion. The majority of the time that I use my Lensbaby I am very candid and the way I feel about a certain subject changes where I direct my "sweet spot." I enjoy shooting the moment, photographing what I am feeling at a certain time and place. Not adapting it later on.

Photography is about photography. Not whether your subject is tack sharp or completely in focus. Lensbabies allow you to put a new perspective on your images. I have been extremely pleased with my Lensbaby 3G and I highly reccommend others to consider purchasing one.

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7 responses

  • Jerry Sander

    Jerry Sander said (26 Jul 2009):

    After reading your story, I am going to add a lense baby to my wish list!

  • Richard Seah

    Richard Seah gave props (28 Jul 2009):

    Have always been curious about Lensbaby, maybe time to check it out further.

  • Kel Casey

    Kel Casey gave props (28 Jul 2009):

    Never heard of this--thanks! These are super photos, and your story was articulate and convincing. Agree 100% about photography being about photography, not about post-processing.

  • Charles

    Charles (Deleted) said (29 Jul 2009):

    Never took the Lensbaby seriously...until now. Great work.

  • Dorothy Menosky

    Dorothy Menosky gave props (29 Jul 2009):

    Good article. Great photos. You have my vote.

  • Christy Stadelmaier

    Christy Stadelmaier gave props (12 Aug 2009):

    It's not easy to use a Lensbaby this beautifully!

  • Jessica Hardin

    Jessica Hardin gave props (14 Dec 2009):

    I'm getting the muse for Christmas from my dad...can't wait!! I feel that photography is an artform just as any other and to be able to express to the viewer the feeling you want to portray through the image and sometimes you just can't do that with an image being completely in focus. These are beautiful images and a very well written article!

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