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Choke...d on yesterdays weather

we found ourselves above the wind looking down

like maggots round an apple beneath the system flowed, biting at the murder of every days truth...


there's a product here i said turning to look in your eyes. a plastic echo with no makes you smile to watch it continue, i questioned... they are blind you replied.

the product here is hurt to the gut the cheated effect of love

...evolution has been choked by edges smooth so smooth it works...we can all slip

when was the last time you were concious of the hasn't rained for months, i said.

at the core of this heartless bastard is the knowledge that we could all be orphans

look, there... 'knowledge comes but wisdom lingers', i wonder where he bought that t shirt;

a polluted centre where image is perfect i would pay to imagine.

with the wind the rain came in...hard. its here! you wrote in the mud,

a smile took your face...

people crawled to the gaps in the walls as the mental dust darkened the day.

THE DILUTION OF TIME HAS BREED THIS EVENT i shouted into the wind, electric was flying, windows shattered and an oily dullness took my hand.

the ground shook, buildings split in two... walls cracked like old memories, houses, homes, foundations clasped and we all burnt in the light of the damp air

wadding over the once owned possessions,

i looked at my feet, people lye with dogs in the street ...c old and still .

with glazed eyes and looks upon their faces that imitated the picture of hell.

i picked up a rusting mirror

i looked into my reflection and raised my hands, you laughed...and i fell _ as reality sunk in

the receipt that i had been carrying from the orphans hand now fell from my own.

i read through bleeding eyes, between the lines it said _'we are built to break, this is the cost /now ...what will you take'

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