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Lubenice - Stone Town - One Legend - One Myth

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Photos that were made during two years photographing the mystique Lubenice that radiate a special energy and is very demanding, but so and inspiritivan small town that is grow on the canyon on the largest Adriatic island of Cres. The ancient myth in which the main roles played Apsrit, Jason and the Argonauts, Medea, introduces us to the island genesis name Apsirtides or Cres. About the origins of the name of rock city Lubenice, on a steep cliff that winter resistant sharp choppy cask in a steamy summer days, the wind freshens ga levanter and mistral. There is a legend and fairy tale about the origins of the names of the town since the Roman name Hibernicia comes from the Latin adjective hibernus - winter, and from the Middle Ages the legend originates or fairytale of Ljubljenica, by which the young couple in love you take away life, because they could not be together, jumped with rocks in the breaks. Rock city, which has been created about four thousands of years and has a long uninterrupted history of your life together with their inhabitants who are not left to this day, and so ga keep that does not fall into oblivion. For city living your life as long as there is a population that in him all year living, working, resting, sleeping, easy to live the life of your city. Currently living in Lubenice 15 permanent inhabitants. Lubenice until 1969. year they had no electricity and only a year get the waterworks. In it you will not find a grocery store, doctor's office, ATM, internet cafe, just a telephone booth that if you work, you are the only link with the other part of the world, and because mobile phones are not just there a connection, food and beverages you'll be able to buy twice a week in the shop on wheels (van) or if someone goes to the town of Cres, and you bring what you need. Sunsets in Lubenice the unique experience of your body and soul. Sudden fog that is in the moment pojeve and also disappear. On average every 10 to 15 years Lubenice snow cover, and if it is just the middle of winter to find that point in the stone town, it's really unique and unrepeatable experience. From the top of Cres you have a beautiful view of the beautiful beach, sea and infinity. Simply incredible, but true. Medieval fortress that rises to the top of a cliff 378 meters high is the jewel of Croatia's rural architecture. Kastel Lubenice falls under Venetian rule in the period from 1409th until 1797. years. Island's well-being of a boost at the end of XVII. Century, Lubenice makes it possible for religious buildings and houses began to build outside a fortified castle for centuries. Economic trouble early XVIII. Century brought the island to the light declines, and that was again experienced Lubenice climb at the end of XIX. century. We do not know from where coming and how you feel Lubenice, but you can not remain indifferent. In the coast are used to seagulls flying above your head, but here they see him as the huge chasm circling above the canyon, above the sea, which extends to the horizon, the infinity. Man becomes a little here. In such an environment, the atmosphere magical atmosphere in the evening every year in July, you can listen to and enjoy the "Lubeničnim musical evenings, which include various musical epoch of early Renaissance music through to contemporary classical music of the twentieth century, and at the end of the following National melodies and melodies into a Club singing and folklore. In the wine cellar "Hibernicia" at the end of a small town, you will find a very pleasant and cheerful family Toić company that will serve you local dishes the island of Cres, so you'll be down in real life full of experiences and the mystique of the full stomach.

Text written by: Željko Jelenski

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