Photo Essay

DMX Car Show

Jackie O.

I'm starting to like this photography deal! Now, instead of waiting for the shot, I'm actively looking for the shots. Mostly to try to figure out what I'm good at, but I'm liking shooting cars, the lines, the chrome, the tradition and heritage, especially in the Chicano / Hispanic culture.

Turns out my girl does too. After a few years together, she was surprised to find out that I liked car shows. I'm not much into coveting, but it would be nice to own one of these rolling works of art, but I'm less into the mechanics necessary to own one, as I would most likely want to use it as a daily driver.

When I picked her up to go, she was more excited about the DMX concert at the end of the show. That quickly changed when I asked her to pose in front of an old school Chevy. Just moments before, she had told me to take a pic of a bunch of models that had been hired for the show. Short shorts and white tank tops, probably hired for their proclivity to show skin and ability to pose in pouty faces. Later, they danced to "Big Booty Ho's" (no lie, DJ Mister Mixx from the 2 Live Crew performed too). I took the shots but just didn't like the poses they were being told to take (" reach over to the front and touch your toes!") nor the models. Only me and their photographer took shots. Minutes later, I was taking a quick shot for Jackie when the owner and Prez of the Dukes Car Club told us we could open the door. ( Having been a biker, I had informed Jackie that it was very bad form to touch another man's machinery, but if they approve, it should be taken as an honor.) Seconds later when she posed for me, about 8 guys showed up with cameras and camera phones. The Prez asked her to hold their Placa, their steel plaque name. More in touch with the Gangsta culture, she knew the honor that was.

She was my model for the rest of the afternoon. We were both happy and proud that she didnt have to resort to midriff baring or butt posing in order to look like a model.

More car and DMX pics at my Deviant page.

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