What do YOU do with your Moo Cards?

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Moo Cards are gorgeous.

You have chosen from your hundreds of photos, ordered them, they have arrived, you have "oohed" and "aahed" over them and even shown them to most of your friends.

You may even have given a few away to friends and family or traded with other Moo Card owners. But you probably have the vast majority of your cards left in their box.

Why not frame them?

I am always looking for different ideas to fill my walls with in my portrait studio.

I had already had Moo Cards for myself. I had a box of my "favourites," a box of "various" and a box of shots I took at a local quarry.

For the project I decided to only use the cards of the quarry as this gave an over all look of rust and decay that I liked.

This idea began when I showed a friend my Moo Cards and threw them down on to a table in front of her.

I started to group them and realised there were patterns to the photos I had chosen. Some of the cards blended together better than others because of the colour or the texture.

It didn't take long for me to root out an unused frame in the studio and get the cards mounted and on to the wall.

Here's how to do it.

1. Take loads of photos. (Just for a change!)

2. Go to and order a box of "mini cards" trying to use all of your 100 possible images. They are printed on a satin smooth paper, almost heavy enough to be card, from your own photos.

They are 28mm x 70mm (roughly half the size of a normal business card) so you will have to use moo's template to decide which part of your photograph you want to use.

Have a look at's MiniCards own page for the various sources available to you.

3. Wait patiently for them to arrive in the post.

4. While waiting, search for a spare frame and have a piece of mount card cut to fit. You have to have an idea of size of the finished item before you start to help with the layout of the cards.

5. When your cards arrive lay them out on your mount trying to follow themes such as colour or shapes as you go. Your eye should follow from one card to another naturally.

6. Live with your decision for a few days - looking at it now and then, moving cards around a few times.

7. When you are happy with the layout stick the cards down with double sided tape as neatly as you can without becoming too worried about the spacing being perfect.

Don't forget to leave a clear space around the edge to make sure the cards aren't hidden under the frame.

8. Shake the mount several times to make sure none fall off - you don't want to have to take the frame apart when cards fall off inside the glass! (Yes! That IS the voice of experience speaking!)

9. Put the mount in the frame, clean the glass and hang on the wall.

10. Step back and allow your friends to admire your handy work.

11. Repeat as many times as you want with different sizes of frames and different themes.

I loved the idea that I was able to recycle a frame I already had. The size I used was ideal for the amount of cards I wanted to display but much smaller frames with fewer cards would be as impressive.

The cards I used were all taken in a disused quarry close to my house but I am now working on a second set with a different theme. It wouldn't be hard to make your first collection from just one box of cards.

You could have a collection of your favourite photos, a holiday, a wedding, the children, the dog, the kittens, the baby, the new car, the new camera or - ALL of the above . . . the list is endless.

Once you have ordered your first box of cards, I assure you, you will be composing-in-camera as you take photos from now on with a view to ordering your next box!

2 responses

  • Spectre Photo

    Spectre Photo gave props (16 Oct 2008):

    VERY cool idea! I'm def going to do this! Thank you

  • Amanda Cross

    Amanda Cross said (11 Jan 2009):

    I've been thinking of randomly leaving mine on London Underground trains... :)

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