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1968 Camaro - Ass end
1968 Camaro
1968 Camaro Hood
The eye....
The kiss

Never having a father in my life I had to figure things out on my own. I didn't have the dad who liked to tinker on stuff and teach me to work with my hands. This car represents a constant struggle of trial and error through more challenges then I care to admit to.

I bought the car in May of 2002; I had met the woman whom would become my wife the month previous. Within a day of taking ownership of the car I had it stripped and ready for paint. I spent countless days and nights going to college and working on the car with every spare minute. All of my spare money went to buying tools I didn't have and trying to keep my girlfriend happy on dates.

I entered graduate school in 2003 and continued to work on the car. My wife and I moved out on our own with no real employment to speak of. We married on the same day of our first date and the 1 year anniversary of my proposal. Times were tough, with me in grad school and having a part time job detailing cars at a dealership. Money was so tight that I offered my Camaro to sell so we could pay bills; I knew I could easily get $20,000 quickly if I needed to.

At which time, my wife said to me the words that have caused my friends to ask, "Does she have a sister?" and echoed through my brain with a monstrous clap of thunder –

"No matter how tight money gets, we will never sell the Camaro"

Time has passed and we both have solid jobs. The Camaro never got sold and we are better off for it. I still have the wife and the car, I never had to make decision on which one to keep.

They both are keepers.

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23 responses

  • Sally Soberanes

    Sally Soberanes said (11 Aug 2009):

    they are definitely both keepers and both beautiful

  • Dave G

    Dave G said (12 Aug 2009):

    That is a great story...

  • NiteRunner

    NiteRunner gave props (12 Aug 2009):

    great story

  • NiteRunner

    NiteRunner gave props (12 Aug 2009):

    and great woman and car you have there...got my vote

  • Michael Adams

    Michael Adams gave props (13 Aug 2009):

    Great story. Make sure that your wife has read it also!

  • Michael Risenhoover

    Michael Risenhoover (Deleted) gave props (13 Aug 2009):

    I agree, awesome story!

  • Michael McNulty

    Michael McNulty said (13 Aug 2009):

    Now that is a story worth telling. Two thumbs up.

  • Jeremiah Patton

    Jeremiah Patton gave props (14 Aug 2009):

    Makes me sad and jealous. She let me sell my '70 Monte carlo to get married and I am still trying to save enough $ to get another after 4+ years. I'm happy for you, I'm gonna cry now

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (15 Aug 2009):

    A really cute and heartwarming story, well done, I voted.

  • Elizabeth Salib

    Elizabeth Salib said (16 Aug 2009):


  • Rick Andrews

    Rick Andrews said (17 Aug 2009):

    Cool story sweet car and a great wife!! (Don't tell the wife... but you have one more picture of the car than you do of her!!! Mine would have noticed!!!)

  • Mike Hansen

    Mike Hansen said (17 Aug 2009):

    Awesome story Eric. Got my vote. I love the Camaro always been one of my favorites. Nice pics of it too by the way. Very well executed, story photos all of it.

  • Tamma Strongbear

    Tamma Strongbear said (21 Aug 2009):

    Your wife is awesome and very understanding. I love this story.

  • Roger L. Blease

    Roger L. Blease gave props (22 Aug 2009):

    Great story - and car. I dumped my good paying but lame job when my wife was pregnant with our second to start my own business (with borrowed money). That was twelve years ago and she was supportive the whole time. Still surprises me (very gladly).

  • Tara Emmett

    Tara Emmett said (26 Aug 2009):

    that is a good story! and an awesome car!

  • Roy Sorenson

    Roy Sorenson said (28 Aug 2009):

    Very cool! I'm fortunate enough to have found a woman who shares my passion for cars too. Keepers for sure!

  • Scott Sandler

    Scott Sandler said (30 Aug 2009):

    Well written, good photos, nice story

  • Sergio Velázquez

    Sergio Velázquez gave props (6 Sep 2009):

    great wife, nice ride......

  • Howard Simpson

    Howard Simpson said (8 Sep 2009):

    Great story, great car & great wife! :-)

  • Duwayno Robertson

    Duwayno Robertson said (10 Sep 2009):

    great car, better wife...good for you both!

  • Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw said (15 Sep 2009):

    That's like a fairytale for men.

  • Lori Ann Morris

    Lori Ann Morris said (16 Sep 2009):

    great story and photos! I have a 69 in the garage...needs restoration...stuck her on a trailer and brought her 1300 miles to our new home. Times are tough, money is tight and yet I sob each time I consider that sacrifice. Not sure if I am selfish, I just know it is the only car I have ever wanted. I hope that I will be able to pass her on to my son or at least someday drive her again when things straighten out.

    You are lucky on both counts, a beautiful wife and a beautiful car. I am glad my hubby is okay with my own sticking around.

  • Evelyn Mostrom

    Evelyn Mostrom (Deleted) gave props (17 Sep 2009):

    Love it. (: Sweet and funny.

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