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Fort Nehaj - Heart of Stone

Nehaj Fort

Nehaj Fort, a symbol of the city, built in 1558. under the supervision of captains and generals of Croatian Military Border Lenković John and Captain Herbert VIII. Auersperg Turjaškog. It was built with the material form of churches, monasteries and houses previously outside the city walls.

It has a square shape, and oriented towards the world. High is 18, and 23 m wide in it entered the stairs wooden bridge across the narrow double doors. The walls are thick from 2 to 3.30 m, at the top of the prisoners, and finish with coronal where the five towers Corner. In the wall there is a loophole around a hundred and eleven great of a guns opening.

Inside is a tank - well above which are three coat of arms: the left coat of arms of Captain John Lenković a year of building the fortress in the middle of the coat of arms of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand I then lord of Senj, the right coat of arms Senjski Captain Herbert VIII. Auersperg Turjaškog. On the ground floor to the right was the fireplace, and around the premises of the soldiers and weapons. Here you see the foundations of a small early church Sv. George XI. c.

On the first floor were rooms for the officers and commanders of the fort. On the second floor was placed gun battery of 11 heavy guns, and today here held a renowned cultural and musical events, conferences and other cultural events. Top of the fortress served as a lookout. From here there are vigilant guard watching Senju approaching from the land and sea, and received smoke and light signals from their associates from the island and the coast. From the top of the fort offers a beautiful view of the Croatian coast and islands of Rab, Goli, Prvic, Cres, Krk, in the mountains of Gorski Kotar and Velebit Učka.

The fortress Nehaj set is a collection Uskoks Senjska and coastal authorities, the permanent exhibition Senjske church throughout history and the City and noble emblems of Senj. Fortress manages Senj City Museum.

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