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Moments of Tranquility


I don't know why ferries give me such a sense of tranquility. But there is a deep satisfaction in being surrounded by expanses of water and the humming of engines. In being carried safely from one harbour to another, cares and responsibilities temporarily suspended. In toying with the vastness of time and space during the half hour crossing, from the soft seat of a lounge or out on the deck with the wind in my hair. While the surface below breaks into cascades of white froth, and the path of the vessel closes behind us.

I could give away childhood memories of fear and nausea, of the doors to the deck being locked and grown women screaming around me as we were tossed about in the sealed space, this way and that; or off my own child wondering more recently whether the Bermuda triangle might be anywhere in the vicinity as we dipped into yet another enormous cavity between waves; or -- from a point in between those two incidents -- of the chief engineer pacing about, palefaced, hoping that we could make it to smoother waters before the now dislodged shells (which had been gathering in the cooling system all winter with the unusually calm seas) would clog up the filters and cause the engines to shut down. I could tell you about those incidents, and others like them.

But above all, I still associate ferry rides with dreamlike moments of tranquility and perceived insight.

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